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Friday, 19 September 2014 13:53

Three things made a student popular in school during my elementary days — living in a bungalow house, owning a color TV, and wearing a wristwatch.

Therefore, many of us did not qualify to the in-crowd, in the merit of these three power- things, which we did not possess.

But among thea bove-mentioned status symbols, most of us coveted a watch. I twas  the very in-thing in school, and if we had  one, we were on our way to the top!

There was one morning, when a male classmate,wore a watch to school. He instantly became a sensation, as he stood there near the faucet, where students busily fetched water for plants, or for drinking. But what really constituted the large crowd, were the eager students desiring to catch a glimpse of the glittery, silver thing on Jainal’s wrist..

I was among that throng, looking enviously at the shiny timepiece, whichJainal generously allowed all of us to see.  He did not even mind when some students got his hand to take a closer look at the face of the watch, or twisted his arm backward, so that those behind him could also see it.

Later, a teacher passed, and demanded what the commotion was all about.  My classmate Roberto bitterly replied, “Jainal has a new watch which he does not know how to read.” These not so kind words, greatly appeased the jealous students, that they abandoned poor Jainal and his watch, leaving the two of them there standing, with no more audience.

Another bonifide member of the in-crowd was Rosemary, because she lived in a bungalow house.  All of us wanted to be seen hanging out with her.  She was an eccentric Chinese, and she did not mind very much whom she went with.  But among us, classmates, we had a tacit competition for her favor, which Rosemary knew nothing about.

One boisterous classmate, Leo, was way down below the popularity line, but that was before his aunt sent them a big color TV from Saudi. When the news of his fortune reached our class, Leo catapulted to the most popular guy in our room.  We laughed at all his jokes, found all his irritating antics cute,  and even considered the prominent decay on his front teeth, a symbol of humbleness.

Well, those were the days when we were too naive to realize, that what you have has nothing to do with what you are.