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Wednesday, 24 September 2014 11:20



Oh yes, there are a lot of fakes in our midst! There are fake people, fake plants and flowers. Fake jewelries, fake things, fake medicines and even fake students!

Talking about people, we pinpoint this term on hypocrites. People who pretend they’re this and that, but the real truth is they’re just born liars. If we are gullible, then they can easily fool us. In my early married life, I’d been fooled by a person who pretended to be a salesman of Milo. I was convinced to give cash advance payment for a dozen of medium size Milo at the prize of 120 pesos, to be delivered a week after. He issued me a receipt, but after a week, the Milo was never delivered. Then, there was another time, I was fooled to buy fake jewelries. Teehee, when I come to remember it, I feel embarrassed. I was 22- years old then and very inexperienced, a lesson learned by me.

When it comes to fake plants and flowers, there are lots of them that catch our attention, and sometimes, we are convinced to buy them as indoor ornamentals because we are scared of dengue mosquitoes that can lay eggs in bases filled with water. We also have fake medicines. Whenever I see the no therapeutic claims sign, I avoid buying it even if people testify it did good to them. Nowadays, we don’t only have fake people, fake plants and flowers, fake jewelries, fake medicines, but also fake students that infiltrate schools that indoctrinate students against government and school authorities. If you notice, if there are rallies in Manila, or elsewhere, there are students joining it influenced by outsiders. I feel so disgusted with what some UP students did to Sec. Abad. They appear not to be educated at all the way they acted. University of the Philippines has always been an educational institution where activist students love to study. I guess, being a democratic country has disadvantages, in which too much freedom is abused. China is criticized for being a Communist country, but its people are disciplined. Chinese authorities even went after the Muslim extremists that want autonomous region in their country. Please don’t misunderstand me as against the Muslims, but anything that’s being done in the extreme isn’t good. I think you will agree with me.

Recently, I also discovered that stores sell fake batteries and acetone. Eveready batteries that are supposed to be heavy duty bought by our helper are fake because our digital apparatus to take our blood pressure doesn’t function. You can easily detect if it’s fake because you can easily tear the plastic wrap, while it’s harder to tear the plastic wrap of the real Eveready batteries that come in pairs ( 3 AAA’s). Regarding the Acetone, I’d been trying to remove my cutex from my fingers, but believe me, I have already consumed almost the whole bottle and it’s taking me a long time to remove it. Maybe it has been adulterated with water, or it’s old stock. There are fake appliances too that last only a short time! My, my, Cest la vie!