An open letter from Jimmy Cabato re: SP fuel scam PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 September 2014 11:36

As notably mentioned to be one of those with alleged outstanding account balances with the Shell Canelar Refilling Station, I am furnishing you a copy of hereunder letter with addendum to appease my relatives and friends who feel affected by, and to clear myself of any doubts, over the issue of the admittedly seeming City Council or SP fuel scam.

You may treat this communication in whatever form you would so please — be it a news item crafted in your own style or an open letter. Simply hoping for you to please give the needed prominence to this communication, considering the possible wasteful damages imputed unto me in the eyes of the public.

Addendum to my letter:

As a working member then of the City Council, I did regularly receive gas slips from the SP. In good faith I did use up all that were issued me, aware that the SP had yearly allocations for all SP members. Indubitably, too, I had no qualms consuming the same confident the releasing personnel would not be able to issue a single gas slip without the signature of the administration head.

Thereby, whatever I had consumed were on the level and to be settled in full by the SP admin. If indeed there  are unsettled accounts in my name, very indisputably, the fault is not mine. Sorry I have to say this, the blame lies solely in the SP administration.

* * * *

26 September 2014

Baliwasan, Zamboanga City


Proprietor, Shell Canelar Refilling Station

Mayor Jaldon st.,  Canelar, Zamboanga City

S i r:

This has reference to your letter dated 1 August 2014 re-Gas Account.

And I take offense to such letter as it had unnecessarily opened me to baseless criticisms and ridicule in the media as well as before the eyes of the people.

You very well know, I do not have a personal/private charge account with your station. It is the City Council (SP) that does.

Simply said, whenever I withdrew gas from your company when I was in office, all were covered by gas slips And subject slips were all issued by the City Council, your client,

You would very well agree then, for sure, that you attendants will only serve me fuel if I present a gas slip. This is unarguable.

Very incontrovertibly, you will also agree, I am under no obligation to settle any account in your outfit born out of the gas your office served me with. It is your client that does, and it is the City Council.

Please correct the imputations arising from your collection letter, that I will be liberated from improvident criticisms and ridicule before the eyes of the public, resultant of  inconclusive exposure in the media . Thank you very much. I am

Very truly yours,

(Sgd) Jimmy Cabato

Non-Station client

Cc: Atty. Emilio B. Aquino, c/o Shell Stn .

Hon. Mayor Maria Isabelle C. Salazar

Hon. Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde

Hon. Members, City Council