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Monday, 29 September 2014 11:45



Children in the past were so different from the children of the present. We can totally say that children of yesteryears were more innocent than the present. Blame it on the present high technology like television, cell phones, computers and many others. Yes, we enjoy its uses, but it’s influencing the young too much!

I think the laws regarding children should be already be changed, like children below 18 years old can’t be accused of crimes committed by them as our laws consider them as minors. Nowadays, the youth mature early. They can even make babies at the age of 14. They already know how to smoke and drink hard liquor at this age, and even commit crimes like rape, steal, and kill!  Isn’t this odd that when they are caught, authorities can’t punish them by putting them inside jail. The only thing they can do is put them at the center of DSWD for rehabilitation, and since it isn’t guarded well, street boys just escape, and I wonder if our authorities will go out of their way to catch them again.

We’ve had experiences of thievery committed by the younger brother of the one taking care of my sick husband. He got his brother of 16 years old to help him, however, this boy earlier stole the cell phone of my husband last May, so since it was returned, we thought he won’t do it again, and made him help his brother. Two days after, he disappeared and I found out he stole 1.5k in my wallet. I didn’t report it to the Police Station, but the next evening, our son VP saw him inside our carport, so knowing what he stole from me, our son woke me up and this time we brought him to the Police Station. And since he was a minor, the women’s desk handled the case. They said they can only bring him to the DSWD Center. And a few days later, I learned he escaped!

It doesn’t stop here, because a lady came to the house yesterday early in the afternoon looking for Meldin de los Reyes, who stole her daughter’s touch screen cellphone. She said his brother Gerald works for us, as he mentioned the name of my husband and she knows him, she came looking for him here at home. I told her the brother isn’t working with us anymore as he also stole 200 pesos in my wallet before he left our employment. Meldin’s real name is Meldin Andico Alberto, but he carries his mother’s family name Andico, and his brother Gerald carries the family name of his father Alberto. To all of you out there,  beware of these two names. The friend of Meldin told us that he comes to our place in the evening to steal bedsheets, and I think this is true ‘coz some of my bedsheets are missing and I can’t find my cream colored rug too that was washed recently.

This doesn’t only happen in our home but also in the homes of others, committed by teenagers ranging from 14, 15, 16, 17, and above. I would like to call the attention of our two House Representatives to look seriously upon this matter that can be an aid to legislation!  Children of these ages keep committing crimes, because they are confident they will not be jailed! These are the same children who will become hard core criminals! Please, please, please that it’s about time to seriously see into this matter!