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Tuesday, 30 September 2014 11:54



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…`But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well’…” (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in Matthew 6:33, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

ALLY CONDEMNS PNOY’S FAILURE TO UPLIFT THE POOR: The biggest condemnation yet of President Aquino and his government, for their joint inability to improve the life of millions of poor and marginalized Filipinos during the four years that they have been in power, did not come from his enemies, political or otherwise. It came from his and his family’s long-time ally, Speaker Feliciano Sonny Belmonte Jr.

Belmonte told members of the Bayan Muna Party List in their celebration of its 15th year of existence last September 27, 2014: “A lot of us are asking: Why are we not feeling the economic growth in the country? If the Philippine economy is growing, Filipinos should also be the ones enjoying its rewards…”

These remarks directly contravene claims by Aquino and his economic team that growth of the Philippine economy has been continuing at a robust phase, and has benefited the people. The remarks further confirm widespread complaint that the poor kept getting poorer while the rich kept getting richer under Aquino’s regime.

* * * *

TRUE STATE OF THE NATION UNDER PNOY: I am sure Aquino and his economic advisers would now fall one over the other to refute Belmonte’s tirade. Which they should do with all their might, considering that Belmonte literally slapped each of them in their faces, as if he was saying, Aquino and his economic team lied to the Filipino people about economic growth in the country.

But then, coming from Belmonte, who is also an astute businessman with interests in media, the assessment that the rich and the mighty, who are basically foreigners or are of foreign descent, are the only ones being benefitted by the growth of the economy supposedly achieved under the Aquino presidency, constitutes the true state of the nation four years into Aquino’s leadership.

This assessment of Belmonte also serves as a confirmation of a Biblical warning, given in its Book of Curses found in Deuteronomy 28:15 and 43-44. This warning says: “… if you no longer listen to the Lord your God, and no longer obeys His commands, curses will come upon you and overtake you… The foreigners who reside among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower. They will lend to you, but you will not lend to them. They will be the head, but you will be the tail.”

* * * *

IT IS SPIRITUALITY, NOT ECONOMICS, STUPID! Viewed from this Biblical vantage point, it wouldn’t be difficult to understand why any economic growth in this country, or in any other country in the world for that matter, would not really filter down to the people. The reason for an economic hardship is not really economic, but, if the Bible is to be believed, spiritual. If a people no longer listens to God and no longer obeys Him, they will become poor.

Foreigners will come to their land, and be the ones to become rich and powerful, and become leaders of that country as well. If we look around our country right now, we will find overwhelming proof that this Biblical warning has already happened, is happening, and will continue to happen to us Filipinos.

What then must we do? What then must a true Filipino leader do to change this situation? That leader must aspire to have the Spirit of God in himself, to enable him to pursue programs aimed at spiritual birth of all Filipinos, to make them listen to, and obey God, once again. Regardless of religion, all Filipinos must endeavor to read God’s Bible and obey His commands therein. Only then will things change!

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