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Wednesday, 01 October 2014 13:31



No, this is not about the ancient Japanese warrior. This is about the new restaurant which opened its door yesterday to food connoisseurs who crave for genuine Japanese cuisine.

Cool and cozy, the place is designed for food trippers who are always on the go. It has tables for groups and a bar where one can sit and order foods straight from the kitchen.

Last Tuesday night, the owners of the place invited some close friends and members of Barangay Hanazono to a soft opening of the place and gave us a taste of their menu items  that were simply tasty, delicious, and distinctly Japanese.

Samurai offers a variety of sushis,maki rolls, ramen, bento, sashimi, with side orders such as tempura, gyoza, kakiage tempura, chachan, kani salads, and the popular miso soup, prepared and cooked by well-trained chefs from Cebu City. My favorite was their tempura, sashimi pink salmon, and California maki. And the prices?Cheap and very reasonable.

Check this out.

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A very reliable source revealed that one known private hospital in this city has been ordered closed by the Supreme Court for two years after having been finally proven, on several occasions, to have falsified Philhealth documents.

Accordingly, some doctors, in cahoots with hospital employees in-charge of processing Philhealth accounts, would falsify documents to show that such patient has been treated for a more serious disease. By doing this, the amount that Philhealth would refund to the hospital, doctor, and patient would be bigger. Worse, our confidante revealed, these refunds are being pocketed by doctors and employees of the hospital.

This is a very serious revelation and if true will destroy the name and reputation of said hospital which has been in existence for quite a long time now.