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Friday, 03 October 2014 11:37



“Las Cruses...Nuestra Vida y la Gloria” was sponsored by the City Tourism Office as part of our Zamboanga Hermosa Festival that showcases a number of beautiful crosses, the art works of Jerry F. Atilano.

Mayor Beng C. Salazar, together with former Mayor Jose Vicente F.Atilano II and Ms. Maribel P. Lim did the cutting of the ribbon. The crosses were displayed at the 2nd new wing of Garden Orchid Hotel  last Oct. 1, 2014. It was  attended by some city officials and invited guests. I did love the atmosphere that evening, especially the way the various crosses were showcased by Jerry, and I laud the staff of Garden Orchid Hotel and Jerry himself for the beautiful decors that went along with the showcase.

I seldom socialize these days, but I truly enjoyed meeting some friends and relatives that evening. It was a very nice gesture of our lady mayor who went around kissing us when she arrived. Of course, I wouldn’t miss mentioning that we were served finger foods and pasta, and while we were seated down, a Moslem cultural show was ongoing, which reminded me that at one time in my life, I had my dance troupe with the help of former Bayanihan dancer, the late Cholito Miguel. Those were the days when my husband Vincent was head of DOT and officer in charge of PTA. I would like to make a comment about the cultural show that evening. The Muslim dances were beautiful, but perhaps, you won’t mind my suggestion if there was a next affair like this, the Bailes de Ayer would also be performed to fit in with the occasion! No hurt feelings please, ‘coz it’s only a suggestion.

I hope Mila Arieta, my fellow columnist, won’t mind if I mention names that I’m personally acquainted with who were present that evening. I came in with VP and Dina Danao. I sat with Nel Atilano, Maribel Lim, Cheng Marquez, Gay Alvarez, Nonoy Lopez, and Del. I also earlier was with Cory Motomal and Dely Atilano. I also saw Sonia M. Alvarez, Baby Ritter, Zambo Ecozone chair Christopher Arnuco, to whom I remember I approached to help us collect from Land Bank re: DAR owes the Elago Heirs, which up to now, have not been settled yet with the family.) Christopher was appointed by former Pres. Gloria Arroyo as Presidential Assistant for Mindanao. I’m glad he is now our Ecozone chair and thanks. I also saw Councilors Myra Abubakar, Noning Biel and Elong Natividad, Jayvee Atilano, Dra. Tamin, and Maricor A. Arat. I leave the rest of the guests names to  Zamboanga Today Society columnist Mila Arieta.

Good Morning and hoping for a successful Zamboanga City Festival, and we ask God Almighty to keep us away from harm throughout the festivities.  Arriba Zamboanga y Viva la VIRGEN DEL PILAR!!!