CLASS RECORD: School projects and the parents PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 17 October 2014 11:10

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


It is interesting to see the way parents get involved with the school requirements of their children.

Take for instance the time an elementary teacher told her students to bring flies to class, for the purpose of maggot observation. They were  to put the flies inside a jar with an over-ripe banana, and cover the bottle with gauze, to allow the flies to breathe, then wait for the maggots to appear.

The following day, the students came to class, with an assortment of jars, with their flies in it.  One student, however, just brought an empty jar, as his mother was still trying to catch some flies near the garbage disposal area of the school. Another student, a son of a doctor, went to class empty handed, because the mother said flies were dirty and did not allow him to bring any.

Another example also, was when a teacher solicited from her students biscuits for love drive.  The next day, almost all the students excitedly brought their  contribution, except for one student. Her mother told her to inform the teacher,that they had no biscuits in the house to give. And to think, they were one of the most well-off families in class.

Here’s another one: A disgruntled student resentfully told her mother that she was made leader for toilet maintenance while she was absent. Or else she would have protested. They had to clean the following day.  The mother  reminded her  that any kind of work was noble, and with some technique and cheerfulness, it would be fun. The daughter was not convinced of the nobleness of toilet cleaning and went to bed angry.

The following day to the embarrassment of the daughter and teacher, mother  unexpectedly appeared in school with some of her employees (the mother owned an accounting office), armed with boots, gloves. brooms, disinfectants and other cleaning paraphernalia to help the daughter accomplish her noble task.

The teacher did not know what to do at first, but seeing mother with her office personnel and the members of the monitorial group clean the comfort room earnestly, as though it was the most enjoyable work of all, was able to relax and supervise the rest of the  cleaning assignments.

But the happiest of all were the members of  the toilet maintenance  committee, since after cleaning, the mother treated  them all to ice cream, for a job well done!