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Monday, 20 October 2014 11:41



I am a plain housewife, but I am not blind nor deaf when it comes to what is happening around the world. Our tri media outlets make it possible for people to read newspapers, hear news from radios, and watch on television, enabling us to know what is happening everywhere in this world!  News reports are important, and we thank our field reporters, who sometimes risk their lives, just so we can be informed and be warned if there are dangers lurking in our midst.

There’s war in some countries in the Middle East like Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, etc... where people have become restless, as if they just woke up and realized their government hasn’t done them good. We have a Pakistani friend whose late father was once a high official in Pakistan, but they fled from their own country, as their lives where endangered. He said that leaders in the Middle East prefer not to educate their people, because they wouldn’t want the young to take over their high positions. They become a threat to them, because they would like to hold on to it permanently. Well, one such example is Syria.

Even big countries like US and Great Britain are threatened by ISIS that’s terrorizing Iraq. It’s even said that our on country is being infiltrated by this terror group, and being rumored that they have been recruiting young men to join them. Earlier last month, an official somewhere in Maguindanao admitted that there are persons recruiting the young boys to join ISIS, but he said they can’t arrest them because it’s not against our laws. I guess he was wrong. Will we still wait for them to sow terror so that you can go after them? Isn’t it better to arrest them early to prevent them from sowing terror among our people, as we all know it will boil down to the same thing, terrorism! Our authorities this time already know that the ASG terror group is now aligned with ISIS, which they earlier didn’t believe, are now in our midst. We all saw the ISIS flag when they showed the German hostage

We hope and pray the other hostages will be freed, and we thank our Lord Almighty the German couple were already released yesterday. With the help of Allah, the ASG members will soften their hearts and release the other hostages. May the MNLF and MILF hierarchy be able to convince them (the ASG and BIFF)to come down from the mountains and rally behind for a genuine peace in Mindanao so that we can experience heaven even if we’re still here on earth. I know this is an idealistic wish, but I can dream, can’t I? Anything can be possible thru prayers!