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Friday, 24 October 2014 12:01

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


If there is one  school violation which really gets my goat, it is gambling.

Because of this, I did not allow three students to take the periodic exam.  They were caught gambling inside the classroom, and I told them to bring their mothers to school.

The first one to come, was the mother of Noel.  Before she introduced herself, I knew right away whose mother she was. They had the same kinky hair, mole at the right side of the nose and wide forehead.  They even had the same sad expression.

“Hi!” I smiled, “Please have a seat.” She looked at me with sad eyes, as I recounted the misdemeanor of her son.  She replied that her son was a responsible boy who helped her with the the household chores.

I confirmed that her boy always helped in the cleaning of the room. But I explained that we do not condone gambling and he was suspended for three days, effective after the periodic test.  She quietly accepted the school’s verdict, and left as quietly as she came in.

The next was a tall, thin mother, whose presence I could already feel even before she entered the classroom.  She was Efren’s mother.

She sat in front of me, and declared that it was such a  hassle to be pulled out from  the Office of the Registry of Deeds just when it was her turn to be attended to.

Earlier, she sent her fourth year son in her behalf to see what the problem was, but our disciplinarian, would not accept him, therefore she had to leave the Registry Office ASAP,to report to City High.

I told her that Efren was caught gambling in the room. “ I could not understand how this happened when Efren is very careful with his money,” she protested. And as we deliberated about this problem, I realized that she was a very hands-on mother-the leader type who took diligent charge of her household.

For example, she saw to it that they had a title to that lot in Lustre, where their house used to stand before the siege.   She proudly told me that there are just a few of them with a title, but she made sure that they would not end up like birds flying from one tree to the other.

Then, she said all of her boys were well-groomed from head to toe.

“I tell them ma’am, that even if we are just poor, they look better than many well-off children.”

And I tried to remember how Efren looked, yes, his uniform was always clean, and his head always looked fragrant as though it was always ready to be kissed by aunts and grandmas anytime.

And in fairness, Efren was a respectful boy.  But like all other young boys, they are predisposed to go astray, if nobody like Efren’s mother was there to bring them up properly.

Then, the mother of Ransky came with her eight-month-old baby.  I could see she was panting and very stressed.  Before attending to her, I reproached my student for subjecting her mother to the ordeal of walking from the road to the school in the intense heat of the sun because of his foolishness.

Then Ransky got his baby brother, and showed- him -off to his classmates.  The mother threatened Ransky that he would get his come-uppance from his father later.

I remember Dr. Fortunato Cristobal saying, that if you relax with your kids when they are young, when they are past adolescence, it’s your time to panic for they will give you trouble  more than you can bear.

Therefore, just like those parents, I’d also willingly be stressed, disciplining my own kids now, lest, they give me problemswhen I’m old and weak already.