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Friday, 24 October 2014 12:31



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ…” (Galatians 6:2, the Holy Bible).

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GARCI AND HIS LUCKY STREAK: Looks like a streak of luck is going the way of former Commissioner Virgilio O. Garcillano of the Commission on Elections. Not only has he squeezed himself out of an electoral sabotage case for his alleged participation in an election cheating which supposedly enabled former President Arroyo to trounce rival Fernando Poe Jr. (movie king FPJ) in 2004.

From the looks of it, he will also be able to wiggle out of a criminal case for alleged violation of the passport law now pending with the Quezon City Regional Trial Court, Branch 220, where Judge Jose Paneda is presiding. I personally saw this possibility the other day when, as I was assisting a client who had a hearing in Branch 220, I listened in to the debate involving Garcillano’s case.

Garci (or the name the former election commissioner became famous of on account of a supposedly-taped conversation between him and former President Arroyo where she allegedly gave orders to pad her lead over FPJ) argued his passport case had to be dismissed because it involves a case which the Ombudsman already dismissed before. I think Judge Paneda is likely to grant his motion. Yes, some guys have all the luck!

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ILOILO ROAD WIDENING JUNKED? Will somebody please tell me why the widening of the road connecting the Iloilo International Airport to Iloilo City seems to have stopped and is no longer being pursued? Certainly, the road widening is not complete yet, because major portions of that road remain a two-way highway. The widening is supposed to make that road a six-lane highway.

When I visited Iloilo last Wednesday and Thursday (October 22-23, 2014) to attend to two court hearings at the Chief Justice Ramon Avancena Hall of Justice, I noticed that the bulldozers and road rollers and other road equipment which I have been seeing in previous visits were no longer there.

Has the project run out of money? Or, has it been abandoned, on account of biting media attention on the hundreds of millions of government funds in the form of disbursement acceleration program (DAP) funds which Malacanang was reported to have earmarked for Senate President Franklin Drilon? This is unfortunate because the road widening project could certainly boost travel to and from the province.

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A CURE TO FIGHT EBOLA? I am impressed by the preparations of the Department of Health to fight the entry of the dreaded killer ebola-virus into the Philippines, especially its having provided fancy suits to its emergency workers who will come in contact with ebola-stricken Filipinos. Indeed, Health Secretary Enrique Ona is doing everything he can  to prevent the virus from coming here, or from victimizing our people.

But, as usual, the preparations are incomplete. I am saying this because it is clear that the DOH has, once again, failed to consider the spiritual and Biblical angle of this disease, which says, particularly in the Bible’s Deuteronomy 28:15 and 22-23, that diseases which cause very hot body temperatures are curses from God given to a people who no longer listen to, nor obey, Him.

If Secretary Ona and the DOH would like to come up with a real cure, their preparations must include spiritual enlightenment of Filipinos. Ona can start this by requiring Bible studies and prayer sessions to be conducted among the hundreds of thousands of patients lining up everyday in DOH hospitals across the country. No additional cost is required for this because the patients and their families are already there, anyway, and preaches are willing to do it for free!

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