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Saturday, 25 October 2014 11:46



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord...” (Psalm 150:6, the Holy Bible).

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PNOY’S LEGACY ON CRIMES IN RP: Citizens are cowering in fear. A drug-crazed man prowls their neighborhood and, because reports said he has already killed three young boys in the area just for shrill fun and is said to be bent on killing one more just because this intended victim allegedly witnessed the murder of the third boy, nobody wants to talk about him, for fear of their lives.

One would think this is either somewhere in Central America, in Latin American countries where drug syndicates hold sway, but, no, this is in the Philippines. Somewhere in Quezon City, to be exact, in Metro Manila where the seat of the national government and of the national police and of the military is located.

Now, if this is happening right here where the full might and power of government is supposed to be supreme, if criminals and drug users and abusers no longer fear anyone even here, is anybody in this country still safe? Is this the legacy that President Aquino wants to leave to Filipinos who clung to him and his promise of “righteous governance” when he assumed power in 2010?

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BRIBES AGAINST USE OF TECHNOLOGY? Here is another interesting point from Pat Sosa Sigue, a respected and well-loved veteran journalist of long standing, in a recent Facebook post: “Are giant companies engaged in car manufacturing and oil and gasoline businesses giving bribes to top government officials so that economical cars and those which contribute to a clean environment and which avoid pollution are not allowed to be sold here?

“And why are we not pursuing the use of solar energy and net metering so that we can solve with dispatch our problems with insufficient power supply, and thereby come up with pollution-free environment where costly and smoke-filled power plants are avoided? If there are no bribes, why are we not doing these things?”

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LAWMAKERS JOIN CALL FOR PCOS PROBE: There is an avalanche of public opinion engulfing the whole country right now which says that the Commission on Elections should immediately act on a decision of Judge Agapito Laoagan of the Paniqui, Tarlac Regional Trial Court, Branch 67, that nullified 87% of the town’s 2013 election results produced by precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines.

Not only are information technology or computer experts the ones calling now for the junking of PCOS machines in the 2016 presidential elections, on the ground that PCOS results do not represent the true will of the voters and true count of their votes, but even lawmakers from the House of Representatives—Abakada Rep. Jonathan Dela Cruz, OFW Rep. Roy Seneres, and Caloocan City Rep. Edgar Erice—are saying this matter must be seriously looked into.

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COMELEC BENT ON USING PCOS IN 2016: But, as street-smart Filipinos are won’t to say, “suntok ito sa buwan” (or, “this is a punch against the moon”), which means that, there is really no hope that the Comelec will do something about this problem, simply because it is hell-bent on using the judicially-discredited PCOS machines all over again in 2016.

Fact is, Comelec already defied Supreme Court resolutions on PCOS machines earlier, in several decisions which the Comelec already received, so why will it act now, right, Atty. Harry Roque? When the Comelec defied the Supreme Court resolutions on PCOS machines, its officials were not punished, as if they did not defy the highest court of the land. So where are PCOS opponents to go now?

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