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Tuesday, 28 October 2014 11:18



The teacher touches the life, the heart, the character  and the future of his/her students. The teacher patiently and bravely takes the challenges of guiding students towards a brighter future. The teacher’s efforts and sacrifices which are put into teaching are difficult or even harder. He/she endeavors to succeed through the path of difficulties which makes him/her a stronger person. For no matter how difficult the task is, he/she still remains steadfast as a purveyor of knowledge. The accomplishment of teaching comes only after a survival from the different challenges of life.

Teaching is the noblest profession and it makes a teacher the noblest person on Earth. It is because he/she does not only teach but he/she too influences lives.  His/her influence affects eternity. He/she may be gone but his message remains eternally.

The roles and contributions  of a teacher in inspiring  the students deserve more than a recognition. This is the reason many organizations and foundations like the Metro Bank Foundation give due recognition to the exemplary performances of the teachers in the country. This is one way of expressing gratitude to the teacher’s worthy contributions to the education of the students and development of the country.

The month of October is designated as the World Teachers’ Month and October 5, 2014 is the World Teachers’ Day. Teachers’ Day aims to raise awareness  of the importance of the roles played by teachers all over the world. The roles of teachers do not only confine in the school , however, it encompasses in the community  as well as in the country.

The World Teachers’ Day was initiated by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1994 to celebrate the roles of the teachers in the society worldwide.  — Jacqueline G. Silao, Recodo Elementary School, Ayala District