From my memory lane ( Part 2) PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 11:19

By Santiago A. De Leon


*NICHOLAS D. POCYLUYKO handed a shield message, it was a tense moment he was just looking at me and I was also looking at him. It was the parting of our ways. This was our last moment of our four years in the jungle. Then, he said, “now you can see your mother.” It was very clear that this is our last time together.

*FERNANDO “BATOY” JALDON, son of Maj. MANUEL JALDON, was waiting. He was to join me to Zamboanga.

* ANTONIO “TONYING” ALVAREZ met me at Punta Bridge, Dipolog and joined us up to Sindangan where we departed at 6 pm negotiating the guerrilla trail.

*CAPT. CELSO FERNANDEZ, Guerilla leader, was the next peson to meet to provide me the transportation to reach Maj. Lecouvre who was based in Sibuco.

*From Sindangan we spent our night in the evacuation house of Mr.Laxamana and waited for a boatman to enter the Port of Sta.Maria as a jumping point to reach Sibuco.



*CAPT. EMILANO PATRON. I was following behind him and he was following the marines. The night was just like a day, the fight lasted for 2 nights and 1 day.

*CAPT. ALFONSO ENRIQUEZ, planning officer, He was responsible for the blocking force which fought at the Cabatangan Ridge.

*CAPT. VICENTE ROMERO, Batallion Commander, who conducted most of the mopping operations in Zamboanga. Sad to say he died in a vehicular accident just months after we were discharged.

*VICTORY PARADE was followed by VICTORY DANCE at Alvarez auditorium atPasonanca Park.

*The last time around after we were discharged from the military service in Pasonanca, I attended a program at Sta. Maria Elementary School by BOB HOPE, “the man with a cute nose, the pride of Hollywood”. This was followed by the departure of the American troops and followed by the arrival of Zamboanguenos who left Manila which was declared an open city when World War II was declared on December 7, 1941