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Tuesday, 04 November 2014 13:54



Personally, I have gay friends. And even relatives who are lesbians. And I enjoy their company, as they are always jolly and fun to be with. So far, I don’t have anything against them.

However, I have heard stories about them, such as “gays are the # 1 corruptors of  youths.” If this is true, then I blame those youths who allow themselves to be exploited by gays in general. We are aware that poverty is one reason why young men are victimized. M o n e y is used as bait. Gays are human being too and like any normal person, they crave for love and affection, and may I add, they also hunger for carnal flesh, which we can say is abnormal, because gays are men who go for men, and lesbians who are women, go for women relationships. Gosh, It’s an upside down World!

Psychologically, they say that the formative years of a child is important. A young boy becomes a gay when the mother is dominant in the family, or when the father is dominant, girl becomes a tomboy. I don’t believe this is so. I think we attribute it to their genes. We should understand that people who become gays and lesbians aren’t their fault. Some say they were born that way. We hear some would like to change their gender, termed as transgender. Can’t blame them!

I sympathize with the murder of transgender Laude, but I guess she should partly be blamed for going out with PFC Joseph Scot Pemberton to a hotel, as she already have a fiancé from Germany. It makes me wonder if this German guy is a gay too! In closing, I would like to say that the 3rd sex should be respected with dignity by our society and we should recognize their accomplishments. Whatever happened to Laude should be charged to experience from among our transgenders. Seamen in general are hungry for sex since they travel on sea for months, missing their wives or girlfriends, and when they dock, they’ll look for outlets, no wonder they’re known to have girls in every port. So watch out!

This kind of incident can happen elsewhere too, and it’s too shallow a reason to scratch off the Visiting Force Agreement. Senator Miriam Santiago Is out of her mind when she stated she wants VFA to be out in our country. You know, when one US Marine soldier err, it doesn’t mean the whole of his companions are like him too, so why scratch off the Balikatan Forces, when we are benefitting from them? Why so?