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Friday, 07 November 2014 11:14

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


I had my ideal daughter painted in my mind since I was a teenager.

She should be a voracious reader, bakes cookies on Saturdays, and should possess great sense of humor. These character traits were inspired from the heroines of the novels, which occupied my time in my youth, instead of doing more productive readings like educational books hehe.

With regard to ideal son,fictions always stereo typed men as very rich, very handsome, and very romantic who would cast everything aside just for a girl, and even kissed the ground she walked on.

And since I would not even dream of a son who would be foolish for a girl, and I was not also very agog in making my boy look rich, my musings about ideal sons  just had to wait till the son came.  As for the looks, it is not for me to decided if he be handsome or not.

And when daughters and a son came, I realized that there were other very important characteristics to add to my list, for both son and daughters. Here they are:

They should not be sensitive. When somebody would criticize their work, things or appearance, I would rather that they find learning and humor from it than take offense.

They should prefer to talk and joke and laugh with cousins, aunts, grand parents and friends rather than face a computer screen or play in their cell phones while all these people are around.

Gadgets and other expensive things should not be the basis for their self-confidence.  Neither should those be their criteria in choosing a friend.  They should not be ashamed to be seen with unpresentable friends, no matter who they meet in the streets.

They should always be very willing to help and share with others  even if there is no chance of getting anything in return.

They must not feel offended if they are not given importance in a gathering. They should just know how to mingle and make small talks with the people around them,  and not take it against the busy host if she fails to sit down with them.

They should listen to others and take every opportunity to gain wisdom.

I like them to be very excited in going to family parties and picnics and to eagerly plan for the food and other things to bring.

There’s still a lot in my list, and I continue adding to it yet.  But that is my privilege as  a mom. I shall not have the same privilege when I am a grandma. It will be my privilege to spoil my grand children then.