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Sunday, 09 November 2014 14:32



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… `Seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all of these things shall be added unto you’…” (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in Matthew 6:33, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

TYPHOON YOLANDA: A POST MORTEM ONE YEAR AFTER: As everyone in the Philippines commemorated the awesomely deadly Typhoon Yolanda which killed about 10,000 people and damaged billions of pesos in properties one year ago on November 8, 2013, it is frightening to note that not a single Filipino seriously tried to look into the spiritual angle of the event.

This failure of even just one person from the Philippines to look up the spiritual dimension of the rains, floods, and strong winds which devastated Leyte and Samar and much of the Visayas even one year after the event gives rise to the possibility that the same death and destruction will once again happen among us, once more with the same ferocious winds, floods, and strong winds.

The fact is that, the onslaught of these natural calamities had been very accurately prophesied to happen. We were told that these rains, floods, and strong winds, the deadly and destructive ones, will surely come. We were told that there would only be two kinds of people that will face these calamities—the wise and the fools. The prophecy said that the wise will live, and the fools will suffer a crushing death.

* * * *

THE FOOLS AND THE WISE: Who are the fools? Who are the wise? We were also told how to know them. A wise person is the one who listens to, and then carefully obeys, the Word of Jesus, our God and Savior. This wise person will not suffer even when the rains, floods, and strong winds come his way, because his life is anchored on a solid foundation, which is the Word of God.

On the other hand, the fool is the person who listens to, but does not obey, the Word of Jesus. He is likened to a man who built his house on shifting sand. When the rains, floods, and strong winds will come, he will experience a “great crash”, because his life is built on a shaky foundation.

It would therefore be of great help for everyone to aspire to become a “wise person”, rather than a “fool”. It would help a lot—as we would not lose anything much, really—if we start listening to the Word of Jesus, and then start carefully obeying each one of them. We should endeavor to do this now, for nobody really knows when the next rains, floods, and strong winds will come.

* * * *

TO WHOM DOES GOD GRANT HIS FAVORS? Of course, it would also help a lot if we, also, will start thinking about the susceptibility to rains, floods, and strong winds, of the places where we reside, or where we work, or where we go to be educated, or to find entertainment. It will help a lot too if we also look into strengthening our residential structures, or choose our places of work, or where we are educated, more carefully.

But then, come to think of it, the undeniable truth is that the capacity to think accurately and appropriately, or the capacity to be intelligent about things, actually comes not just from the effort of a person, but more so from the inspiration given by a Superior Being. What is more, the capacity to acquire wealth is actually given by this Superior Being, and is not the result merely of any person’s intelligence or good business sense.

Indeed, people may plan to do things that would improve themselves, physically, financially, and education-wise. But these plans are just mere plans. It is the inspiration, direction, benediction, and protection from God that make a whole lot of difference, because only those to whom God grants His favors will good and rewarding living come. The question is, how are we granted God’s favors?

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