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Thursday, 13 November 2014 11:38

BY Berlie G. Yap


Have you noticed how fast the days are? The year again is now ending and 2015 is about to come. One can always choose which— stay idle or make the most of the time. No one can stop time to run, but everyone though is given the equal chance to make the most out of it.

There are these two tricycle drivers, you know in Zamboanga. The one always kill his time to play card games somewhere along Camins Road everyday instead of driving to earn. Well, he’s very lazy to do so. Instead, when he loses in their gambling he hits the road to find passengers from whom he would overcharge. He justifies by saying, “I must recover my loss in the card game.” Often, he also finds arguments to complaining passengers.

The other though is very diligent. He doesn’t complain the heat of the day when he drives. He starts at 6AM and goes home at 8PM. It is how he battles everyday just to provide good and decent life to his family. Overtime, he was able to send his three children to school. His eldest graduated as a teacher, made it to the board exam and is now teaching in one of the City’s outskirt schools as a DepEd mentor. This same eldest helps her other siblings in their studies. The second in the family is now 3rd year in Engineering while the youngest is Grade 8.

The family still lives in an urban poor housing in Sinunuc. The father is such an epitome of a man who did not allow life’s difficulties defeat him but instead sees them as a motivation to push his limits and, maybe, one day attain his total dreams. The man is running his life in patience.

How about the first driver? All he wanted is an easy-go-lucky one, he doesn’t foresee his future and worst, he doesn’t have a plan, whatsoever, in life.

Between the two persons, where perhaps can you mirror yourself? God almighty did not place us in this world without, at least, opportunities of our own to exploit. Ask most successful men, they too have their own stories to tell to how they overcame their own obstacles and succeeded.

A man, in the book of Numbers, by the name of Caleb was in his 40’s when God promised him an inheritance. He had a witness to the promise when God pronounced it to him, Joshua. It took some time for their nation to stay in the desert because of the disobedience of their generation. They encircled the whole parched land for several times until the entire old generation died and a new one came as obedient and believing people.

Now it was the moment for Israel to possess the land. Moses also died, in old age, and was replaced by his successor, Joshua. They conquered the Promised Land in their own sweat and blood. Their young men shed their blood for the price of the promise. When they almost finished their tasks, Joshua started to subdivide their territories. Each tribe received his portion as was prescribed by God in the desert.

But Caleb was almost forgotten. In his old age, 88-year old, he went to Joshua and demanded for his promise, he said, “give me this mountain!” Every dream in our lives is equivalent to a mountain. They are always a height that must be scaled and be conquered bravely.

To make the long story short, Caleb obtained his mountain despite his age. He gave it to his children and his exploits became a legacy for his name, not just in his generation, but even to our time.

There are not enough reasons or excuses why one cannot realize his life’s ambitions. No poverty, physical incapability or anything under heaven can stop someone who has the will to endure to the finish. Life to some can be harsh or unfair yet if he knows how to handle odd situations for his favors, he definitely can reach his dreams.

Atty. Ed Sanson, our College Dean, has always been an inspiration to many. He was born, raised and educated in Isabela Basilan until he reached college to study here in Zamboanga as a scholar. But the man grew up in a poor family. His father only a garbage man. He related to us, while a boy, he would also go around to their neighbors to collect their trashes to be able to save few centavos for his following week’s allowance. Life was really hard to the young Ed.

However, his hardship became his motivation to overcome all his obstacles. Gradually he climbed his ladder until eventually he has created a name for himself. Remember, there is nothing impossible in this side of eternity. God equipped us with all the necessary preparations, connections and circumstances to be able to reach our destinies. Everything, including hardship, is a concoction for the creation of a beautiful testimony about your life in this world.

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