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Sunday, 16 November 2014 14:39

BY Berlie G. Yap


Everywhere you go today, the spirit of Christmas is now visible or rather tangible, especially in malls. Radio stations are playing Christmas carols. In my program, in the first 15 minutes, I, as well, play Christmas songs. It is how we, Filipinos, celebrate Christmas here in the country. In the whole world, only the Philippines celebrates Christmas the longest—some start on an August and end on a February! That ain’t crazy, it’s just being Pinoy!

What is the essence of Christmas? It is love, forgiveness, reconciliation and most of all Christ! If that is the case, Christmas must be celebrated inside our hearts every day not just on a December 25. For love, forgiveness, reconciliation and relationship with Christ must be a daily basis, though my point is not actually to display mistletoes, the tree and etc. the whole year round. If I may say, the celebration is more of the attitude than on decorations or the commercialism of the season.

How beautiful our world would be if everyone only knows how to love, forgive and choose reconciliation than a fight and most of all walk with God on a daily basis! The other ways around of beauty are ugliness and troubles, it can rather be the usual outcome, in the real absence of those essences I mentioned earlier.

It can be tiresome to live in an environment where there is no peace. An inner tranquility is such a priceless desire or even a need to any normal being in the planet. Who doesn’t want peace? Peace is the well-spring of joy, happiness, prosperity and success. See a place where there is peace, I bet you, people there are happy, thriving and successful. Have you been to Davao City? Davao is one of the most peaceful cities, not just in the country but, in the world according to a travel site online.

Mayor Duterte could be leading his city with an iron fist, well I won’t comment, but I’m attracted however to its tranquility. After the siege last year in Zamboanga, a number of well meaning friends sold their houses here and transferred to Davao. Their common reason was they wanted peace.

Last night, after my classes, I browsed the You Tube to retrieve nice documentary programs to watch. It’s one of my favorites to do when I’m bored. Well. I hanged on a BBC special episode on “Tribal Wife”. It’s a kind of a social experiment where 6 volunteer-women from the West would stay on a tribal life in Africa for a period of time. I picked about a 42-year old wife and mother who is a receptionist from Liverpool. She was to be detailed in a tribal village of Gabon.

The woman’s name is Linda. Man! It really was a tough adjustment for a Brit to live in a tribal village and to scour every day the forest just to be able to get their meals in the home she lived for some time. At one moment she broke down when she was told by the landlady she lived with to clean a dirty common family comfort room made of earth. She puked, complained, cried and whined that “it was demeaning!” After all, it was a social experiment.

But the beauty in the program was that Linda later was able to adjust to such a primitive life compared to her sophistication in UK. Then on the ending days of her stay she realized that one of the treasures those tribesmen have that the Western life is already losing are the value of family and the lifestyle of peace and harmony.

Despite their very under-privileged living, those tribesmen evade troubles and fights. Each helps one another foster a good relationship in the community. The obvious efforts of everyone, to do it so, are a crucial social value of this tribe people.

Do you think that the advancements we have now are one of the reasons why our generation, perhaps, are retreating away from the real life value of harmony and peace?

My opinion, not or not at all! It is in the attitude of a group, like those tribesmen. Their efforts for peace and harmony made them exceptional despite they are primitive. If we can do the same, like the Davao folks, my belief stuffs can’t be impossible too.

Remember, constant personal attitude, overtime, will grow to become a lifestyle and a character which can be very hard already to be detached from the person.

Beloved, let’s live with a strong desire to be men and women who are vessels of peace and love. Whether we display those Christmas decorations or not, it won’t matter, it will be our hearts’ attitude.

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