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Monday, 17 November 2014 11:30



Louis Carrol’s Alice will certainly say “This is getting curioser and curioser.”  And she won’t be wrong.

The Senate inquiry into the overpricing of the Makati City Hall II, or more familiarly the parking lot building, has taken a long and serpentine path. Other than unearthing the fact that the supposedly green and world class building is not that at all, it has also brought out the business of birthday cakes for Makati senior citizens and who the supposed supplier is; we learned that the Boy Scouts of the Philippines of which VP Binay has been a long-time president has spent a couple of millions to put up a hotel which is supposedly for the use of the BSP but this is not clear; it has given the public information about the 350-hectare ( or is it only 150? ) hacienda in Batangas which  is either owned by a certain Laureno Gregorio or by Antonio Tiu or by VP Binay – no one knows for sure up to this time.

This last item  has me really perplexed.  That an experienced businessman like Antonio Tiu would give the supposed owner of the property ( Gregorio?) P11 million as down payment for the property and  put in another 55 million to develop it and after all that investment he doesn’t even hold the title is quite beyond me. If I were to do that it would not be surprising because I am not a business person myself. But for someone like Antonio Tiu, whose company/ies  is/are  listed in the Stock Exchange  is beyond belief. One can’t help but ask “What’s going on here?”

The other big question is “What does the Senate aim to do with all the  information the inquiry  it has come up with?”  The Senate does all these inquiries supposedly in aid of legislation. So when is this going to stop? And what legislation is the Senate going to work on  as a result?

If indeed the Senate has already come up with sufficient information then it should turn over the pursuit of the case to the legitimate agency  to  file the  case or cases against the persons concerned. Prolonging this is just giving VP Binay and his family media coverage that can turn them into victims of  persecution for political reasons. The latest twist here is Dr. Elenita Binay asking the media to please spare the Binay children and grandchildren from the unfair glare of media publicity which can traumatize the younger Binays. My heart bleeds for them.

It can also boomerang on the Senate which can be accused of playing to the gallery. If justice is what this inquiry is all about, if fighting corruption  is what this is all about, then it is time to consolidate the findings and file charges against all those who should be charged.

Otherwise we will just begin to think that this was just all zarzuela   after all.