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Friday, 21 November 2014 11:44

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


Bobbie Yap was the young colleague of my father. He was around 24 years old.

Three prominent qualities made him attractive to us — He was very chivalrous, he was fun, and and he was an air traffic controller. You could not be air traffic controller if you did not have superior intelligence.

When we were kids, he was our tacit reason in visiting the control tower. It did not seem enjoyable if there was no Bobbie Yap there, to kid around with.

Bobbie Yap consistently gave us VIP treatment,as though we were the prettiest kids in town and not the scrawny and shabby children that we really were. He was always happy to see us and if he were not controlling the airplanes, we would have his undivided attention.  We would singthe songs of the Lettermanat the tower, and it was from him I learned, “My Cup Runneth Over with Love”, which until now is a favorite song.

Several times, Bobbie Yap, would get chorizo or longganiza from an airport peddler and give itto us, and and he would pay for it when salary day came. He also brought us fruits from his trees.

Our favorite treat was the soft drinks- one each really!It made you feel very important having a whole bottle all for yourself, just like rich children!

I think most, if not all of us, secretly swooned over him.  He was the embodiment of all that was sweet and good and fun.  It was very exciting to be with him.  But it seemed that Bobbie Yap was too old for any of us, so we just went about hero-worshipping him.

When my sisters got married, Bobbie Yap used his car to drive them to church and after that, to the honeymoon venue. As for me, I made him my “ninong”in my wedding.

There was a time, when my sister was alone and very sad at the airport, Bobby Yap happened to pass by.  He quickly retracted, then came back with a very cold bottle of coke for her.   The sweet gesture was greatly comforting, that she forgot to be lonely for a while.Bobbie Yap was always doing these sorts of things to us. I told you he was very chivalrous.

My father has long retired and BobbieYap,is not vey young now.  And when I come to think of it, we have never properly thanked him yet.  So to Bobbie Yap,the words “Thank you very much” seem pale in comparison to everything that you were to us in our childhood.  Allow us to treat you and your wife Shirley,to dinner, we have a lot of catching up to do.