TICKLE ME PINK: 33 days before Christmas Day PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 22 November 2014 13:09



The festive mood is amongst us nowadays as Christmas day is fast approaching! Parents, godparents, grandparents, officemates, and friends, etc., are surely preparing gifts to give to one another, and of course, the children will be the happiest, because we celebrate Christmas especially for them! In the Holy Bible, it states that children are the greatest in the Kingdom of God! Thus, we commemorate the rebirth of our Savior Jesus Christ every Christmas Day!

There are only 33 days to wait until Christmas Day. Families will take advantage of this season to come home for family reunions, the reason why homes as early as October are already coming out with their Christmas decors. As a word of advice, wives shouldn’t throw out their Christmas decors after Christmas, as these old decors can be recycled and be mixed with the new ones. I went around department stores and got the greatest surprise to see decors cost more than double or thrice the price of the past years. For your information, the reason why I decorate our home early is because, it takes me a lot of time to do my art work, and I find it a pity to take it out after Three Kings.  I would like my decors to stay longer so that I can enjoy my work of art for a longer time, teehee.

Meanwhile while waiting, we hope that no untoward incidents will happen to our city, and in all cities in our country!