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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 11:28



In our science class, we know that formalin is used to preserve the dead bodies of dead specimens, and above all, to preserve bodies of dead people so that it won’t rot for several days or months , years, like the body of the late President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, that’s being preserved in an encased glass casket until he will be buried properly. Personally, I believe he should be buried like any past Presidents at the “Libingan ng mga Bayani”, because in one way or the other, he had served our country as President.

I guess you are wondering why I’ve touched ‘formalin’ as my subject matter. Well, it’s because I would like to call the attention of the City Health Office to please check on the fish vendors who are going around selling fish, or much better to check on businessmen who keep fish in their bodegas, because I’m highly suspicious some are using formalin to preserve the freshness of their catch, and let fish vendors sell it around the city. I came to this conclusion because, one day, I bought two mantis fish ( Family of grouper fish like lapulapu).’coz I wanted to steam and cook it with oyster sauce and sesame oil. I was reluctant to buy it because the body was sort of soft, but he insisted it was fresh.. He said the eyes and gills are fresh, so I bought it. But when my househelper was cleaning it, the innards smelled so badly, and even if it was fried, the smell was still terrible! We didn’t’ eat it. When he returned the next day, I tried returning it because I said it’ rotten and we didn’t eat it. He refused to get it, but said he will have to ask his boss if he had to exchange it. I told him I would report it to the City Health Office to check whether it has formalin or not, but because it smelled so much, we had to throw it in the garbage,

Yes, he came back and exchanged it with another kind of fish. He still passes by every now and then, but I’ve had learned my lesson. I’ll never buy fish from him anymore. I would prefer to buy it from an IP woman fish vendor who sells me fresh fish which the members of her family catches by using spears only. If you can still remember, a scam surfaced in the past, where formalin was being used to preserve fish. I hope my alleged suspicion isn’t true, but it would be nice if the City Health Office will take action on it, to prevent any sickness in our populace!