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Friday, 28 November 2014 12:07

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


Being a judge is no laughing matter. I am at my most critical at this time. I carefully look out for lapses and promptly write them down in any space the judging sheet affords me.

It is not really to demerit the performance of any particular group that I do this, but but to compare the strong points and the weak points of one presentation from the other. It would also give me enough ammunition just in case somebody complains about my decision.

It does not also mean that the group with the most number of mistakes loses.If they are not  part of the criteria, they may be disregarded. However, the group who performs with less errors would get the good opinion of the judges and may eventually win.

But even if a contestant, like for instance in oration, performs impeccably, and delivers the words very smoothly, but is lacking in emotion, he may still not win, because anybody who is detached from his task on stage, is unattractive and dull to the audience and judges.

Being a judge means occupying the best seat, and enjoying everything of the performance.  But you cannot share your enjoyment with anybody near or far from you. It would not look  good for a judge to be seen texting, for he or she would appear inattentive and unreliable in judging.

Your opinions at this time are for yourself alone. Even if you do not have have the  intentionof convincing your seatmate of your preference, it is important to appear unbiased to others as well.

Another reason why you do not really talk while judging, is that you might miss the climax or any note-worthy part of the performance.

Being a judge, means dressing-up properly to give dignity to the occasion. You would not like to spoil the all preparationsfor this big day, by appearing in the contest venue shabby and unkempt.  It would also be important to give your highest credentials and successes related to the competition,  to the one who will introduce you, sothatno one may doubt your credibility as a judge, in the competition that means the whole world to them.

So to the participants of the Division Reading Camp today, may the enjoyment and learning you gained from the days of practice give you happy thoughts, every time you think of this day, whether you win or not.