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Saturday, 29 November 2014 13:57

BY Berlie G. Yap


In the past three days, I was wishing that somehow real rains could also reach Zamboanga. I simply missed the natural cold weather without the aircon and fans. It seems that our City’s yuletide season is already quite similar to the summer’s temperature, which is four months yet. In fact, our morning’s 7 o’clock, observably, is now also a scorching hot. I presume, you also noticed the same unless you live in Upper La Paz!

Quite the irony though because I have some friends and relatives in the US and in Canada, who instead are complaining for their extreme sub-zero degree weather recently! They say that their snowfalls would reach to as much as 6 inches in most mornings. I also read an article online about a mother who was trapped inside her car within 30 hours, due to a snow storm. She was literally buried in the files of snow within those scary hours.

On Wednesday, November 26, a storm slammed the Visayas, affected the Northern Mindanao and flooded many places in the province of Cebu. I somehow expected that same storm could also cause heavy rains in our city, I thought, just at least two days. But never did it come except for some thunder peals and sporadic flickers of raindrops which only partly wetted our earth’s very thirsty soil.

However, in fairness, rains indeed fell in some parts of our city, like the Pasonanca and the rest of the watershed in our National Park. It is good news then for our water system.

The result of the earth’s ecological imbalances today is these extreme weather-patterns which we are experiencing now. My personal resolution is to adapt to it, celebrate what graces I still can benefit despite the odds and to stay satisfied to the beauty and the blessings life are steadily bringing.

By the way, what can one do to help earth the effect of the ozone depletion? Well, obviously support the green revolution and minimize our individual contributions to the emission of carbon monoxide to the atmosphere. That means the reduction of the use of our appliances, plastic and the industrialization of our generation.

The reality is pretty the opposite to what we think, because the real problem is not just a chicken feet. It is rather the meteorological change we caused for decades already, which we only are reaping them now, and worse. In fact, many are yet to come.

Beyond our limited abilities, we can do none. If you know any please tell me. Hence, to live every day with a good life, we gotta learn to improvise, that is if one wants to survive and beat it.

It’s pretty amazing to how the Ivatans in Batanes survived and beat the forces of nature for centuries! I say beat, because typhoons themselves have evaded recently Batanes as their usual paths since before. Can you still hear devastations from this island when any typhoon lambasted our country, none anymore but Metro Manila, Southern Luzon, Leyte, Samar and the rest!

The Ivatans, in the process, adapted the natural cycles of storms within the year round. So they build their houses, plant their crops and live a manner of life adapting a certain pattern not against but benefiting through the entry of those storms. Thus, they win over nature or actually they’ve befriended nature itself by turning its destruction for their favors.

Contentment or satisfaction is the making of the most to what is available around you. A small time businessman from San Roque discovered and made a good life after discovering the potentials of ice candies to help ease the people from the heat and humidity in our City. The little he had, he maximized it, and the results were breakthroughs.

You saw the Kevin Costner’s film, “Waterworld”? In the story men adapted the new landscape of the planet as already covered with waters until a handful of them found an island which they believe could be a new start of a better civilization.

If what we see are only the wrong things in this world, we always endlessly can find them around everywhere. But if our focus is rather to discover the good things, even in wrong situations, we also cannot fail to notice them. Between the two, the latter will always be the better, though both of them are realities of life.

“Do all things without grumbling or disputing, 15 that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world.” Phil. 2:14-15

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