BEtween friends: Between the moon and Harmony Village Print
Monday, 08 December 2014 11:34

By Linda Cababa – Espinosa, Ed.D.


It’s a warm and humid November morning here in Harmony Village, eight kilometers from the city with only the highway separating it from the seashore. Even the breeze that blows through the village trees does not feel fresh, and yet this is a 14-hectare spread of verdant low rolling hills topped by giant acacia and mahogany trees standing tall and casting dark shadows at night, under a golden moon, with some roots anchored on shallow canyons.

On a summer day this temperature is not only understandable but also expected. But coming as it does on the last week of November with Christmas peeping around the corner, one begins to wonder what is really happening to our world.

So much has been, and continue to be, written about climate change and global warming in newspapers and magazines with the intention, clearly, not only for purposes of warning and information but also persuading readers to wake up to the developing fearful reality and do something about it.

Time was when the onset of the “ber” months, starting with September, made everybody conscious of the coming of Christmas season supported by the light chill in the air at night and early mornings. Because of these signs, downtown bazaars would start putting up Christmas decorations and compete to lure customers into buying gifts for their loved ones. As the days and weeks went on, Christmas carols started filling the air. It was a common comment that Zamboanga celebrated Christmas from September to December!

That was how it was many years ago. The practice has currently modified a bit. Today, Christmas trimmings don’t go up before October and carols fill the air starting only on the second “ber” month. The change is just as well because the chill in the air characteristic of the approach of Christmas no longer comes around till the beginning of December. And all this is, accordingly, because of climate change due to global warming, which in turn is due to man’s disrespect and gross misuse of nature.

While man enjoys the fruits of his technological inventions and glories in his successes, he disregards the fact that some of his inventions have later proven to be destructive not only to the current generation and environment, but more so to the future. Furthermore, he has stubbornly refused to acknowledge responsibility to recognize the limitation of the world’s resources through illegal logging, mining, the senseless slaughter of animals, denudation of forest cover, the rapacious harvest of the sea and varied forms of environmental pollution, especially the continued emission of greenhouse gases.  And the greenhouse effect does not only result in such uncomfortable heat, but also causes a fog-like cover between the earth and the sky shielding the clouds, the moon and stars from our sight making romantic moonlight nights a thing of the past.

The hour is getting late. It is time for man to wake up to the changes taking place which we can no longer ignore – the greater frequency of super strong typhoons and floods, the unusual heat, the unprecedented rise in sea level, storm surges from the sea, and the drying up of the fresh water sources.

The 10th commandment of ecology says that we are not owners of the land. We are merely guardians. Let us, therefore, convert to a positive appreciation of everything in nature – the flowers, birds, trees, rivers, seas, mountains, moon and stars because everything is interconnected. Scientist say, whatever happens to nature will eventually happen to man.  And this will come to pass as sure as the sun rises every morning.

Again, the hour is getting late. Let us be forewarned, NOW!