CLASS RECORD: On Christmas gifts PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 12 December 2014 11:41

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


One of my greatest pleasures in life, is in shopping forChristmas presents.

The gifts are not expensive because I could not afford it, but I buy lots of gifts, to give to the many people I like.

And in this unwavering yearly passion, I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on gifts and receivers.

But until now, I could not see any altruistic reason why some teachers in my time, would give their students bath soaps as manito-manita  gift. The only reason I could deduce behind this unromantic Christmas present, is that they had few of these things at home and decided the last minute that it will already do.  Anyway, it’s just for a student.

Bath soaps, are very necessary, but they are not special and will not give delight to any teenager. Nowadays, stores abound with inexpensive, exciting gift items,which are sure to give pleasure to any receiver. No wonder, I have not heard of any student receiving bath soaps from their teachers anymore.

I notice that most, if not all kids, prefer to receive toys than anything else.

My friend reserved her very nice imported caps for few chosen children in church. The rest of the kids, she gave cheap toys.  After the party, many of those “special” kids,asked to exchange their hats for toys.

I also conclude that some gifts may be coveted by some people, but do not mean anything to others. For example, an Avon dealer wrapped a big expensive lotion for her Grade-Four daughter to give her manito.

The manito, a naughty little boy who did not care about the smoothness of his skin, nor the  sweetness of his smell, did not like to get it. He wanted to get back the gift he gave, which was a less -than thirty-peso plastic water gun, which his mother just bought from a nearby store.

Another interesting thing about gift-giving is this piece of paper where everyone writes down what he likes to receive from his manito.This is called a “wish list”.

This can be a blessing and a bane. It makes the job of the giver easy. Sometimes the instructions in the wish list are very detailed,  giving you the item,  brand, color and even the store where to get it. You just have to purchase it and you are done (I wonder why we just do not buy our own and save on gift wrappers. After all, we know what’s inside already hehehe).

Sometimes, wish lists can give you anxiety.  Here are some requests written there, for a gift-limit of three-hundred pesos above: 10 meters Chinese cotton to make into curtain,  Pyrex dish,  Victoria Secret cologne,  Converse rubber shoes, non-stick pan and many other stressful wishes which go way beyond three-hundred pesos.

But as my friend says, don’t be forced to do anything. There are other nice things which can give happiness to the receiver.  If he does not become happy, unless you give him what you cannot afford, well there are things which are beyond our control.