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Saturday, 13 December 2014 11:38



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… `Is there any man in whom the Spirit of God dwells?’...” (the Pharaoh of Egypt, looking for a man to save his country from a seven-year famine, in Genesis 41:38).

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EDDIE ILARDE: RP NEEDS A GOD-FEARING PRESIDENT: I was in a birthday party in Mandaluyong City the other night with former Sen. Eddie Ilarde, he of the “Student Canteen” and “Kahapon Lamang” radio-TV-fame, and discussions centered on what is needed so change for the better will really come to our country and our people (see the pictures on my Facebook account, Melanio Lazo Mauricio Jr.).

I wasn’t expecting his answer, but, outright, he said, “we need a leader who fears and loves God, and who will bring our people closer to God themselves”. Then, he disclosed that he and some other individuals and groups are forming some sort of a party that would attempt to find this leader, whom they will support in 2016.

Ilarde, who still hosts the radio program “Kahapon Lamang” at DZBB, 594 kHz, every 1:30 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays, said only a God-fearing and God-loving leader could bring us out of the criminality, corruption, and poverty, we ordinary citizens are experiencing now. Well, I could only say “good luck”, because I believe that this is some sort of a “mission impossible” at the moment!

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RP’S MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: LOOKING FOR A GODLY LEADER: Looking for a godly leader among the present crop of politicians aspiring for higher office is to me a “mission impossible”, especially if the concern is to find him and present him as a presidential candidate in 2016.

This is so because, without risk of contradiction, I can say that there is no one among the politicians we have right now who is even thinking of God whenever they engaged in daydreaming about running for the presidency.

Why, everyone appears dirtied by corrupt wealth, because even those who attack their fellow officials for supposed graft and plunder are themselves heavily tainted. In fact, even private businessmen who are touted to be entertaining ambitions to become president are publicly wallowing in corrupt business and trade practices. Yes, “behind every great wealth is a great crime,” as a foreign philosopher intoned long ago.

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ANOTHER GODLESS PRESIDENT FOR RP IN 2016? And, even supposedly-spiritual individuals suffer from credibility problems, brought about by questionable transactions in their “private lives”. So, my fear is that, there would seem to be no one who could foot the bill of a presidential candidate in 2016 who is truly spiritually-inclined. This raises the very real possibility that another godless president will sit in Malacanang by that time.

If this happens, if another godless leader will rule in 2016 up to 2022, there will be greater problems for all of us, for corruption, criminality, and poverty will become graver. What then can we do? We already had academically and professionally qualified presidents in this country, but they were not able to do anything.

May I suggest then that, no matter how late it may seem to be, someone should put up a school who will train future presidents, vice presidents, senators, congressmen, and future local officials, along the lines of spirituality, of having fear and love of God in their hearts? This will take sometime, yes, but this has got to start somehow, somewhere. We’ve had enough of godless presidents or presidents pretending to be godly already!

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