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Monday, 29 December 2014 14:17



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests… pray continually…” (Ephesians 6:18, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, the Holy Bible).

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GHOST FROM THE PAST: FAILURE OF FIRECRACKER BANS: Here is a food for thought from 27 December 2012: “ `Oplan Paputok’, or the Department of Health’s immemorial annual campaign against exploding firecrackers and lighting pyrotechnics to welcome the first day of the New Year, has become a yearly effort largely because it has totally and repeatedly failed, through the years, to stop our people from this practice.

“One would think that the DOH and the government—whoever the President maybe—would seriously consider other approaches to prevent deaths and serious injuries to New Year revelers and set aside the failed `Oplan Paputok’ altogether, but, obviously, no one at the DOH and the government would dare come up with these other approaches to the problem.

“Result? Deaths and injuries from firecrackers and pyrotechnics continue to happen, and even on an increasing scale yet. My question now is: why is the DOH, in particular, and the government, in general, insisting on a campaign that has proven to be an abject and total failure? Corollary question: can not the bright boys at the DOH and the government think of something else? Health Secretary Enrique Ona, are you listening, Sir?

* * * *

DISCARDING FIRECRACKER TRADITION A FAILURE: “Year in and year out, writers like me take time out to tackle this annual problem coming from firecrackers and pyrotechnics, and offer a host of suggestions. Just for New Year 2012 alone, I again wrote a piece on this, but nobody seems to be listening. For whatever it is worth though, and if only to underscore an approach that the DOH may want to try, I am reprinting that article. Please read on:

“ `As Filipinos welcomed the new year with a bang at the stroke of midnight last January 1, 2012, I was left wondering: so, we have not been able to discard our tradition of exploding firecrackers and lighting pyrotechnics despite heavy government campaign.

“ `The glaring truth for celebrators, however, was this: no benefit really accrued in favor of anyone by the explosions and dazzling lights. After the noise, the only things that were evident were the heavy smoke, the litter from the firecrackers and pyrotechnics, and, to some, the injuries, fatal or otherwise. The huge amount of money spent on the super lolo, kwitis, Judas belt, among others, was gone, just like that.

* * * *

A NOISE GOD CANNOT REJECT: “ `And the future still remained uncertain, for a great many of us. So what is the lesson here? Filipinos have been brainwashed by this tradition of merry-making during the New Year much too long, there is now an urgent need to re-orient our minds. We must change our mindset, and instead create a noise that God will not reject, and this is the noise of prayers from every believer.

“ `Next New Year, if God allows it, I propose that every person who espouses belief in God must stop buying firecrackers and pyrotechnics, and instead prepare for prayer sessions and Bible studies as we bid the old year goodbye and prepare to welcome the New Year.

“ `Happy New Year, and here’s a prayer that Filipinos everywhere will aspire to be with God more through a daily reading of the Bible, through meditations on the Word day and night, and through constant obedience to the commands of God, to enable us to live a life of success and prosperity until the very end. What do you think, dear readers?’ ”

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