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Friday, 02 January 2015 14:59



Very shortly  we will be living in the Year 2015. We thank God we have all reached another year in our stay on this planet. Whether we finish the year or not is all up to God. But while I am still here I would like to see that our city has the following:

1.    Jeepney  stops. Have you ever found yourself behind a jeepney plying its route on a city street? It stops and a passenger gets out. It moves on and about 4 meters ahead it stops again and another passenger gets out. A few meters later the jeepney stops again to allow a passenger to get on. It can make you rather impatient  wondering at what point it will stop again. Why can’t there be jeepney stops and people get off or get on at the stop, even if the spot is not directly where there sala is?

2.    Traffic lights at  some busy intersections. In my observations these are in Nunez Extension and Camins;  Nunez Extension and Gov. Lim; San Jose Road and Taupan/San Roque Road. This  last has become particularly crucial because a supermarket has  recently opened nearby and more vehicles are at the intersection during  the peak hours.

3.    Numbering of buildings/houses  on a given street. We do not have this yet and we claim that our city is already at par with other cities. Whenever I give my address over the phone to someone - a friend who wishes to come and visit or a delivery man from a shop where I bought a big item -   I have to describe what the color of our gate is, the color of the house in front of ours, etc. How much easier it would be if I just give the name of the street where we live and the house number visible at our gate. This is not such a high tech requirement.

4.    Dumpsters for communities.  In our city a small open space quickly becomes a dumping spot for household trash/garbage because there are no designated spots where garbage can be properly disposed of. And this, of course, works against the efforts of the city at maintaining sanitation  and beautification.

Perhaps my list above does  not include items which are of high urgency but if these are attended to our city’s  environment, both physical and psychological, will be improved.  Traffic is such a hassle now in ZC. Nos. 1 and 2 can contribute a bit to improving the flow of traffic. No. 4 can improve the cleanliness aspect. And No. 3 simply means that visitors coming to ZC can more easily locate the friends they want to connect with.

Instead of just claiming that ZC is there at the top of the list as one of the most livable cities in our country let us attend to the little things that make a simple life easier to live.

A blessed 2015 for everyone!