TODAY’S MANNA: What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 03 January 2015 14:44

BY Berlie G. Yap


It ain’t ineffective at all, attempts to apply some New Year’s resolutions so long as your will is on it. Because if doing such without your heart and personal volitions will again, like as any other year, becomes useless. And there is another factor one mustn’t forget—the help of God. When the Lord is in your plan of change and transformation, it can happen.

Are you already tired of the old ways? Do drugs, alcohol, nicotine or any form of vice destroyed your life, and now you want to see change not just for your family or job’s sake, but for yourself, because you already are losing that thing everyone calls self-respect? If you do, you have hope and today can be your day.

Many worldly allures all the time press us to leave the path of morality and push us to live another lifestyle which either us or anyone else wanted it. Such life can be described as monstrous or even self-destructive.

Who wants to keep a monster inside himself? None and nobody! But do you know when one is bound to any form of bondage he is actually coddling his own werewolf inside of him who anytime will demand him a prey? What is worse because that same prey is his own very life!

Think of it, because of drugs many young lives are destroyed and countless of supposed bright futures are erased then are changed to horrible oblivions! In the Gospel, the story of the prodigal son is relative to this truth. However, it wasn’t totally hopeless for him. He still had his Dad who was waiting for him. All he had to do was to go back home.

That part of the parable is symbolic to repentance. Repentance is change which after one becomes sorry to the Almighty from all of his wrongs, he then desires the transformation. Now, in this wise two forces blend to produce the turning around—God’s power and one’s will to change.

God is real, if anybody will try Him, that same person won’t regret. His life will be changed and can start a glorious one. A burglar one day was apprehended stealing some valuables in a property. While he was inside prison, he felt a kind of desperation despite of the degree of callousness he already developed for his years of evil.

According to him, he started to cry and began to wish a change. A personal recognition came on him that he needed help. It was a long story but somebody told him about the love of God. Eventually, he offered his life to the Lord. The way though was still long, but it took one step at a time, and the man became a changed person. He even became a preacher in Cagayan de Oro City.

Another drug dependent was recently born again, he was on fire and passionate of his new found clean life, he visited his cousin who was at that time was hospitalized because of his alcohol problem. Unknown to the former that the latter was now in his lowest moment as the doctor pronounced that his medical report found that his liver was swelling because of his alcohol vice.

The latter was only 18 years old at that time. Very timely was the visit of his cousin. The former gladly shared his changes and the reality of the power of God to give anyone, who comes to Him, a new life. And more of all the latter also knew how bound was his cousin to drugs, thus, he was baffled.

The former shared Bible verses to verses, truths, to the latter which made him feel God’s conviction. According to him, the words of his cousin pierced his very soul. When he was challenged to give his life to God, this time he never said no.

God healed him, he’d never had tasted alcohol back since that moment, and best of all his life had a direction again. After that one divinely appointed moment, the man is now in another city with a prestigious job, has married a pretty lady and is graced to have 3 intelligent children. The last that I saw him, he told me, that life is beautiful and must be lived to its fullest.

Do you also wish a similar transition? It surely can become yours with this two clear-cut conditions—first, give your life to God and “will it” inside of you a change. I may be able to help you, or I’ve some guys with me who are willing to help. You can text me in this mobile number 0977-148-8011.

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