Why small wounds and burns caused by firecrackers explosion need anti-tetanus shots? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 05 January 2015 11:38



Ignoring the need to have a shot of tetanus toxoid after suffering burns or wounds in using firecrackers or getting wounded accidentally by the active users who throw firecrackers is risky.

According to Department of Health (DOH) spokesperson Dr. Lyndon Lee-Suy, even very small wounds are susceptible to develop ’tetanus’ which can result eventually to death if the patient will not be given anti-tetanus shot.

“The people must be aware that tetanus shot is recommended not only among those who suffered heavy wounds but even to the very small wounds because of the danger OF contamination of wounds with tetanus,” added Dr. Lee-Suy.

Lee-Suy cited that small wounds which was filled with dirt of mixed soils and powder components of firecrackers during the explosion faces the danger of developing tetanus among those injured.

He added that the injured like those who had burns or small wounds should immediately consult a doctor so that anti-tetanus shot can be given.

Tetanus is a condition wherein the body suffers lockjaw when the skin wound is contaminated by a bacteria (clostridium tetani) which is often found in soil.

Once the said bacteria enters the body, they produced a neurotoxin that attacks the body’s nervous system which causes muscle spasms since the toxin travels through the blood streams and circulates throughout the body’s system which then affects the normal activity.

The DOH spokesperson even cited as an example that he had known some people before who just ignore the small wounds and hesitated to seeing a doctor so that they will be given anti-tetanus shots.

Unfortunately, he added that hesitation and ignoring such important act resulted to death which he said should not happen.

“The best thing to do is to consult a doctor. Go to the nearest DOH hospitals. Getting anti tetanus shot is definitely cheaper and have less risk than treating tetanus that may occur,” he added.

Anti-tetanus shots are available both in private and government hospitals.

The cost of anti-tetanus shots in some private hospitals was estimated to be at more than a thousand pesos per shot.

It is quite cheaper in government hospitals compared to other private hospitals as there is no doctor’s fee required and only the medicines (for anti-tetanus shot) is required to be paid plus the other antibiotics needed and for cleansing of wounds.

In some cases or those assessed under the medical social welfare service of government hospitals qualified to avail of them were given free or at a discounted price like to those passive users of firecrackers injured when some bystanders throw the firecrackers that hurt them.

According to DOH, the anti-tetanus shots are not entirely freely-given to injured patients due to firecrackers and assessment are being undertaken to ensure that only those who most need of it can avail of them.

The DOH further added that in such way they can bring the message that they do not encourage active users to keep on using firecrackers since firecrackers cause severe injuries and even deaths.

For some who can afford it based on case assessment, wherein the injured was known to be active user of firecracker, corresponding fee to avail of it is required.

As of Saturday (Jan. 3), the total injured numbers of firecrackers-related injuries has reached to over 730 cases.