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Monday, 05 January 2015 12:07

BY Berlie G. Yap


It seems that as each year comes, we see either two of these swings—the better or the worse. Many of us were born when a telephone application was almost impossible, but now, three days can be already the max, for its speedy installation, and not to mention the internet, cellular phones and the rest. Indeed as the years go by, we see newer innovations that do help our lives to be more convenient.

But undeniably though, on the other hand, we also see the worse. We are seeing before our eyes today super typhoons, which was unheard in the past. There are the Corona and the Ebola viruses.

During our parents’ time, going to Manila was mostly by boat and in three days, because air travel was very expensive. Compare the difference of the age today of “promo fares”, but see also the jams it created because of the uncontrollable influx of locals wanting to travel.

Do you still remember old wall clocks, where their mechanisms were controlled by a pendulum? The above extremes are like the swings of that thing, but despite time runs because of it too. Relatively, in either of the extremes, it defines what kind of a genWhether anything better or worse—God forbid, to this year we need God to guide us. Without him, we can be like to blind beggars to fall to the many ditches of this slippery world. When the people of God was about to enter into the promise land, their leader—Joshua, was a bit apprehensive because he was yet new in the helm of leadership right after the death of his predecessor—Moses.

He desperately needed God’s directions and approval for his leadership. God, thus, led him and the people. One early morning, after God spoke to him, “…Joshua said to the people, ‘CONSECRATE your selves, for tomorrow the LORD WILL DO WONDERS among you.’ And Joshua said to the priests, ‘TAKE UP the Ark of the Covenant and pass on before the people.’ So they took up the Ark of the Covenant and went before the people.” Josh. 3:5-6

God’s directions to them were very clear, as in crystal clear. It was a marching order to possess their inheritance. First, the people must consecrate themselves. Consecrate is to set apart, give oneself to a focus, or to offer one’s life to God. In their forty years of delay in the wilderness, probably, many things already diffused their focus, other things than God might have watered-down their sense of direction or determination.

It was in here that God demanded the people to set their lives apart for him. Why? The following day, the Creator, would stop the flood-waters of the great Jordan River and provided them a dry river-bed that they could walk and cross to Canaan. The previous generation, their fathers, passed also a similar creative miracle highway, it was the Red Sea with Moses.

God cautioned them to consecrate themselves because the following day God would perform great wonders in their lives. In like manner, this year, God also can do wonders in our lives. To some, this can be their year of breakthrough. Hence, like Joshua’s people let us know to consecrate ourselves.

At the turn of the year, about eleven in the evening, our family prayed. First, we thanked the Lord for the ending year. Then, we gave our lives to Him. We asked His abiding presence to direct our lives for 2015. A thing that could be accomplished for a hundred years by our mere human strength can only be done just in splits of seconds, when the hands of the Lord shall perform them.

Two million people—that included the children and the older folks, to cross a flooding river were impossible. It might happen by some cunning, but for SOME TIME. However, as God directed His people, they only easily crossed the obstacle in NO TIME! They walked on a very dry river-bed in the middle of a mighty flooded and boisterous Jordan River. How did it happen? The arm of the Lord brought them.

It won’t be literally rivers which we will stop, but impliedly strong currents of challenges that we can easily wade or handle when the Lord shall be our guide.

It must have been hard for the families who learned the loss of their love-ones of that ill-fated plane from Indonesia to Singapore. How hard, perhaps, was acceptance for them? That unsuspecting plane crush was one of the worse in 2014. Similar to such trial, how do you think can somebody cope when he can collide to an unexpected? It would be more than just the human will; one needs the strength of God.

Lastly, Aaron’s priestly order had the responsibility to carry the Ark of the Covenant ahead into the waters—God commanded. Soon as they did the following day, Jordan River receded. The Ark of the Covenant is the presence of God amongst His people in the past. Leaders do have the accountability to always carry God’s presence amongst them, that when the people follow they can walk in a broad highway and not drown.

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