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Tuesday, 06 January 2015 12:00

By Fatima Pir T. Allian


The year 2014 was a challenging year for many of us. It was a year for survivors to start rebuilding their lives after Yolanda, Ruby, the earthquakes, the Zamboanga siege and the on and off armed conflicts in Basilan and Sulu. It was in the same year that MH 370 and recently the Air Asia plane QZ 8501 went missing and MH 17 crashed in eastern Ukraine.  The heated debates on the Bangsamoro Basic Law Bill confronted some of us to make a stand to either support  or go against it . We also witnessed the Ebola virus outbreak that has killed 7,588 with more than 5 imported cases that killed 3. For many people around the world it was very painful to know the continued hostility of Israel to the Palestine that killed hundreds of civilians mostly women, elders and children. The bullying of China against her ASEAN neighbors was a serious concern by many countries. Lately the many flash flood affected areas in some parts of Thailand  and Malaysia and the super typhoon experienced by Japan has caused several residents to evacuate their homes and are now residing in temporary shelters.

Because of the number of incidences of typhoon in our country we now know that the Mindanao areas are now prone to experience typhoon,  gusty winds, flash floods and storm surges. In addition the PAGASA  has now placed the category super typhoon for 2015 telling us that a weaker if not same strength as that of Yolanda may happen again.  We truly hope that the governments of the world realized that  declaring war is NOT a solution. The collateral damage it has brought reminds us the disruption of lives and the destruction and death caused by wars. Moreover the scars of wars may take time to heal and this causes trauma, paranoia and illnesses. What kind of life one can have after the post-war? Look around our city and you can see that many of the survivors of Sept 9, 2013 siege are still suffering from the lack of food and water supplies, livelihood, medical, education and housing support programs. Fighting Ebola has never been easy for the modern day heroes. Sadly some of them have succumbed to the virus while others had to deal with the fears of their country rather than appreciation of their sacrifice to save lives. For those who did not return to their loved ones and those who died in the plane crash, we pray that one day, we will know what really happened and their remains be found.

2014 was one turbulent ride. Some survived while others did not. For sure the tragedies we have experienced left permanent marks in our lives reminding us that despite the hardship we have coped in our own ways and survived the ordeal.  We fervently pray that 2015 will kinder to us all and that we all have learned our lessons well. Seriously, we have learned our lessons well!

“O you who believe! When you meet a force, be firm, and call God in remembrance much (and often); that you may prosper:” 8:45 (Qur’An)