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Thursday, 08 January 2015 12:38



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Marry and have sons and daughters; find wives for your sons and give your daughters in marriage, so that they too may have sons and daughters. Increase in number there; do not decrease…” (Jeremiah 29:6, the Holy Bible).

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IF RP ECONOMY IS GOOD, WHY BORROW US $1 B FOR 2015? Pardon my simple mind, or even perhaps my ignorance about economics, but can President Aquino and/or his economic advisers explain to me why, as per media reports on January 07, 2015, the Republic of the Philippines is borrowing some US$1billion from the world as a whole at a time when Filipinos are being told that their country’s economy has improved a lot during Aquino’s five year in office?

My understanding is that the US $ 1 billion the Aquino government will borrow will come from what is known as the issuance of long-term bonds, so it can use that money for 2015. Now, didn’t our lawmakers just approved some P2.5 trillion or so budget for government spending in 2015? Is the US $ 1 billion being borrowed by the Aquino government to be used to fund this 2015 P2.5 trillion national budget?

If the economy of the Philippines is really improving as Aquino had been saying, and as many international agencies had been giving our country what they call as “good credit standing or rating”, why is there a need to borrow? Cannot the supposedly improved economy under Aquino support the 2015 budget? Is not borrowing heavily indicative of bad economy?

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SOME FILIPINOS DERAILING POPE’S VISIT? I really don’t know why, but some people are now posting once again old articles or write-ups about problems supposedly caused by human overpopulation. One such old article (which seemed to have first appeared on May 05, 2014 yet) castigated what it claimed as the “human misery, starvation, and deprived living conditions” of Roman Catholic Church followers in many places in the world.

There must be some reason for this, and it could be related to the scheduled visit to the Philippines of Pope Francis. It would seem some people or some groups are out to derail the importance of the Pope’s visit to the country, especially to places which had been badly hit by calamities, which were first naturally caused (by typhoons and earthquakes), and then man-made (inept and inefficient government response).

But, truly, attributing human misery, starvation, and deprived living conditions to membership with the Roman Catholic Church, or to any particular religious group, is simply stupid and fallacious. The truth had long been established. It is not the big number of any given population that is the culprit. Rather, it is the greed and selfishness of a few rich men that have caused the poverty and misery of the world.

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GREED, NOT OVERPOPULATION, BREEDS POVERTY: In this column, on 02 October 2010, I already wrote: “The reason being advanced to justify birth and population control—people are living a life of poverty because there are just too many of them—is a flawed justification. People are poor not because of their sheer number, but because a very small segment of humanity—the rulers, the rich and the powerful—are using and cornering the world’s resources for themselves alone.

“This small segment does not want the world’s population to grow bigger and bigger because of its fear that it will lose the privileges it is enjoying now—the use of a big chunk of the world’s resources for its members alone, and the enjoyment of the power brought about by controlling the distribution of these resources.”

On 29 September 2010, I also said: “Yes, more people would mean taxing our resources too much. But are we aware that the world’s resources are controlled by only about 5 percent of our global population, and that, if only this 5 percent of the population shared what they have with the rest of humanity, there would be no poverty  and no material scarcity for all of us?”

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