CLASS RECORD: A salute to the ideal! PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 09 January 2015 11:41

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


Here’s to those who make our lives easier through kindness and efficiency:

AL RAHIMIN KENOH,Administrative Officer of the Department of Education, Zamboanga City Division –

He is top in my list because he is consistently approachable.  And trite as this expression may sound, everybody in Dep. Ed.knows (especially the teachers), that there is nothing ordinary in the way Sir Kenoh deals with us.

In his office, we are afforded with great respect, as though at one point in our lives, we have done him a great favor.  It is not just a polite transaction you have there, but a genuine,kindlyreception with him.

There is no unnecessary “Come back tomorrow…”, or “Where are the other  attachments?”, and the like.  Therefore, when you leave his office, you are able to move on with the other things you have to do, feeling very productive and good about yourself.

MR. JESUS C. SOLON- (ZCHS Principal)

Can you imagine a six -hectare school like City High, withapproximately 9,000 students, remain clean from morning till afternoon? That is our school, with his leadership.

Sir Solon is just six months with us, but he has given our school a facelift and made it conducive for learning.

Many teachers were delightfully surprised to see Sir Solon up the fifth floor early one morning to make sure that everything was going smoothly up there.

It was not merely an ocular inspection to see if the teachers did not become lazy  to ascend the apex of City high, but tothe needs of the rooms there.

As a result, many classes received additional chairs, tables,new doors,  new chalkboards, andfloor wax.

Going up the fifth floor was not just a one-time thing, it was done several times and still still being done occasionally.

My principal is a senior citizen that’s why his unexpected first appearance on the fifth floor, was a favorite topic among us teachers, which did not stale right -away.

To these two paragon of kindness and efficiency, thank you very much from the very heart of CLASS RECORD!...To be continued