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Saturday, 10 January 2015 12:04



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… I will call a swift bird of prey from the east—a leader from a distant land to come and do my bidding…” (Isaiah 46:11, New Living Translation, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

THE REAL MESSAGE IN POPE’S VISIT TO RP: Why is an important religious personality who heads the biggest spiritual group in the world, such as Pope Francis, interested to come to the Philippines? From where I sit, it is not simply to reassure Filipino Catholics that the Church of Rome has not forgotten them. I am convinced that the visit of Francis to our country signifies a more important message for all Christians.

I believe that this visit, billed as a demonstration of concern of the Pope and the Catholic Church for typhoon-ravaged Filipinos, intends rather to remind, and confirm to, us that an important Biblical prophecy which, in times past, were interpreted in so many ways, would indeed be fulfilled, here in the Philippines, and with selected Filipinos playing the lead role.

This prophecy can be found in Isaiah 46:11. This proclaims that God will call His “bird of prey” and His “people” from the east, from a far-off land, to fulfill His purpose. Surely, it is not difficult to see that the “bird of prey” refers to a chosen leader, and that the “people” refer to God’s followers who compose His Church from the East.

* * * *

RP IS THE BIBLICAL “EAST”, “FAR-OFF LAND”: Why am I saying that the “east” or the “far-off land” mentioned in Isaiah 46:11 refer to the Philippines and to Filipinos? It is because an event in history has already confirmed that the “east” or the “far-off land” refers to the Philippines. I am referring to World War II, which, in reality, was a fight between believers of Christianity (America and its allies) and unbelievers (Japan and its allies).

In an effort to win over Japan and its allies during World War II, the US established its military forces in the Philippines, and called it the “United States Armed Forces in the Far East”. Now, let us get this correctly: instead of calling this military force the “US Armed Forces in the Philippines”, America chose to call it as its armed forces in the Far East, confirming that the Philippines is indeed the Far East.

* * * *

BIBLICAL PROPHECY PERTAINS TO RP: There is therefore no doubt at all that the prophecy laid down by Isaiah 46:11 pertains to the Philippines, from where God is to call His “bird of prey” and His “people” to do just one thing: to fulfill His purpose. What is this purpose that God wants to fulfill? It is the purpose spelled out in Matthew 24:14 where it is said that the Gospel of Jesus should be preached to all the nations first, before the end is to come.

This is the reason why many Filipinos have been called to preach the Word of God. This is the reason why Filipinos have become so successful, in the Philippines and in the whole world, in preaching the Word of God. This is the very reason for being, as it were, for the Filipino nation.

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NOTARIZATION BY FILIPINO CONSULAR OFFICIALS: We have a follow-up question on the problem of a Filipina who is working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia who wants to file an annulment case against her womanizing husband here in the Philippines. The question, from another reader, is, could the complaint for annulment be notarized by a foreigner notary public, not by Filipino consular officials?

The answer is no, the complaint cannot be notarized by a foreigner. The notarization of that complaint, if signed abroad, must be by Filipino consular officials in the place where the Filipino is working or residing. If the complaint was notarized by a foreigner notary public, the complaint would not be accepted for filing in our country.

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