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Sunday, 11 January 2015 14:43



San Jose, CA. — New roads to decongest the city. That’s all the city administration has to do this year and the next. Forget for a moment building bridges, giving away computers to public schools (that’s something that pupils don’t have in their homes to practice with, anyway), asphalting roads over concrete pavements, and acquiring lands for the homeless because we already have hectares upon hectares of undeveloped urban poor sites that have cost the city a ton of taxpayers’ money.

It’s about time. I applaud Mayor Ma. Isabel Climaco-Salazar’s announcement to connect Gov. Camins and Gov. Ramos in Sta. Maria. This project would have commenced years ago, but the archdiocese fenced its property through which the road would run and built a Lord’s house along the path. Out of wrath? How would city hall manage to convince the archbishop to sell (or donate) that portion of the church’s property to the city is something bear watching.

Next, opening a road toward the main City High School from Veterans’ Ave. would also entail a huge expense, as the city officials will have to convince the owners of the lands where the road would traverse. It took years before the owners of the Camino Nuevo (Gov. Alvarez st.) properties caved in to pressure and allowed the city, in exchange for big money, to connect Nunez st. to Gov. Camins (negotiated during the incumbency of Mayor Vitaliano D. Agan). By the way, the mayor may have missed the Mayor Jaldon-barter zone-Nunez ext. pass. By doing so, people (medical patients) from Canelar and Camino Nuevo need not go through Gov. Camins Ave. or Gov. Alvarez st. to reach Ciudad Medical on emergency situations. That road can save lives. Also, the mayor can open another road artery — Nunez ext. to Veterans Ave. where another hospital (Doctors’) is located. There are several government offices located along Veterans’ Ave.

And, then, the city council will have to deal with the operation of tricycles. There are just too many three-wheelers on the road, putting pressure on the already horrific traffic as vehicles of all makes try to squeeze into our narrow, Spanish-designed streets. This is not to mention the army of motorcycles weaving their way through traffic — the cyclists doing Steve Macqueen stunts like they owned the roads. Some of them end up in hospitals either badly bruised or dead.

Mrs. Climaco-Salazar is regaining lost  political points and fast-sagging popularity because of unabated crimes and the September 9, 2013 specter. Crimes are uncontrollable occurrences. Nobody could stop the violent attack on a satirical magazine in Paris that killed 12 people, including the magazine’s editor, and wounded 11 others. Our police can’t be blamed for the presence of obstreperous people who swoop down on innocent civilians with lethal weapons without notice. There’s no such thing as the “Minority Report” in a real world.