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Monday, 12 January 2015 11:19



Reliable information is necessary for us to make informed decisions. The question can then be asked: Where can we get the information we need?

The time we live in is often called the Information Age. Never before has it been easier and faster to acquire information. Technology has made it so. Particularly the millenials – that demographic cohort born within the 1980’s and 2000- feel as though information is simply at the tips of their fingers. “Google it” is the immediate resort when there is a need to get information needed.

While it is easier to access information it is harder to trust the reliability of the information gained. The Internet is open to everyone and depending on one’s persuasion, information posted can always be colored by that very same persuasion.

With all charity we can say that the print media tries to be objective but as the saying goes “objective is as objective does”.  Media organizations are after all businesses with owners/investors and they have their own perspectives, which will be reflected in how the news is reported.

Towards the second half of 2014 Philippine media was focused intensely on the financial maneuvers of the Binays of Makati – the VP, his wife, the son who is mayor of Makati. There were also other Binays in the sidelines. Was this focus perhaps over zealous and as is often said, politically motivated? It was a circus we could have done without. But, considering that VP Binay is no shy violet about his ambitions for the Philippine presidency and the election of 2016, the information overload should be considered a good source of information for people so that they can make informed decisions about who to vote for in 2016.

Of course, there is always the question of information reliability: Was all that we read about the kickbacks, the Batangas property, the over-priced parking building, etc., etc. reliable? Precisely because we can never be sure that it is , it is important  we keep up with the news  and we learn to judiciously separate the chaff rom the grain.

In the case of VP Binay,  is it simply interest in muck raking that we should continue to keep track of what is being presented in the media about him and his family? I do not think so. He is openly running for the presidency as early as this time. It is our obligation as citizens of this country that we carefully select who our president should be. We should not give our vote to him or any other candidate simply on the basis of  the fact that he is/was  a poor man who made good. Neither should we deny him our vote simply on the basis of  the over-priced parking lot building. Something like this calls for a carefully made informed decision.