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Tuesday, 07 June 2011 14:04

Sari-sari. That’s how I describe my thoughts. In English, it means mingled thoughts or thinking. These are nagging thoughts and I have to enlighten it, so I’ll write it down.

Why do media have to delve on the privacy of others, especially our President, who is a bachelor. Doesn’t he have the right to fall in and out of love, being a human being just like us?  Yes, he is the apple of people’s eyes, but he deserves some privacy, especially when it comes to the ladies he is dating. Decent women wouldn’t want their names to be known to the public.
* * * *

How about Aling Dionisia, who is Mommy D to the media since her son became a worldwide boxer champ? She is given media coverage most of the times, but it seems it’s going up into her head. She can be a proud but a humble mother to Manny, don’t you think so? I like Jinky, Pacman’s pretty wife. She has no pretense at all. She doesn’t act like a prima donna, even if she can, with the millions her hubby is earning from his boxing career.
* * * *

Why is our government spending a lot for birth control, when they can easily campaign for the natural way of birth control known as the rhythm cycle which is safer for women. Instead of buying condoms, pills and vials for injections, the money can be re-channeled to better the lives of the population by giving the heads of family work. When men are tired, they won’t have time for monkey business at home.

Splurge also on education. Find wand and means to give decent homes to the poor families. Spend on giving seminars to educate couples why they shouldn’t have many  children if they can’t afford to do so.

You know, I’ve always entertained this thought that we don’t have to worry about population explosion, because our God has its own way to do it. Have you noticed the calamities occurring around the world? What does it imply to us?

Earthquakes, floods, landslides, fires, wars, and what about those who are dying of diseases everyday? Thousands die day by day! How about the occurrence in New Zealand and Japan, where thousands of lives were lost? Doesn’t this give us food for our thoughts?

Let’s leave it up to the Lord! Government should instead concentrate on using its resources on how to better the lives of our poor folks, rather than spending it on other unimportant matters that go against the will of our Creator. Yes I am for responsible parenthood, but not the pills and other gadgets that will endanger the lives of our women. --BETTY ELAGO