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Thursday, 15 January 2015 11:54



Year 2015 appears to be a good year for our country. Am saying this because we are blessed by the Almighty Lord. He is making it possible for his Holiness Pope Francis to visit our beloved country that had suffered so much from man-made and natural calamities last year, and we hope his visit will bring good luck to us! Let’s all hope and pray he will have a safe trip and stay wherever he goes in Sri Lanka and in our own beloved Philippines! Through this column of mine, allow me to welcome in advance, his Holiness Pope Francis, from far Zamboanga! I’ll be watching his arrival from media coverage of ABS-CBN and ANC!

I want to be optimistic about the Peace process between our Government and the MILF, but somehow, I also have my doubts since Umbra Kato and his men are still at large and are still creating terror. It’s a different situation with the MNLF. When they came back to the folds of the law, not one of them turned against our government. Their fighters were dispersed, but those who qualified joined AFP. The educated ones became assemblymen, when the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao was created.  Another doubt comes into my mind. Creating the Bangsamoro Entity means all the Muslim tribes are included in it before the signing of the peace process is finalized. Right now, it is still questionable. Deles and Ferrer should have seen this problem cropping up, because the MNLF is still out of the picture. Pres. Noynoy Aquino shoudn’t hurry, neither our lawmaking body, ‘coz they should take it easy with the MILF. I believe that if ever this peace process will be finalized, the MILF hierarchy should be made responsible in dealing with Umbra Kato and his followers, because right now, he is a threat to our communities! With him around, we will not have real peace. I heard someone say, there’s going to be a bloody war yet! Well, excuse me for saying this, but I guess many will agree to what I’ve just written.

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Hurrah fo our beloved Zamboanga. We’re going to have another hospital…Metro Zamboanga and Medical Center! Our public hospital, the Zamboanga Medical Center, is always full. And so the private hospitals. So with the construction of another new hospital, it will decongest and will disperse the patients from all over. The latest we have is the Zamboanga Peninsula Hospital, the largest hospital right now!

Due to the hot and cold weather, people are prone to have colds, which my hubby and I are sufferingfrom.  Not only the ordinary colds, but strong colds, that come with sneezing, and the cough that goes with it. I suggest for those who are suffering from it is to take a lot of juice or liquid, Neozep ( anti histamine), and drink a lot of ginger ale( powdered ginger sold at groceries) to suit your throat and alleviate your chest with phlegm. Doing this, I am now recovering from strong colds. Bye till next time around.