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Friday, 16 January 2015 11:34

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


Here’s to an extraordinary city councilor who made my day because he went another mile for me.

There was a time when I needed a favor from Councilor Velasco.  It was a certificate of recognition, for the reading club, which I founded.

I wanted to include this credential with the rest of the pertinent  papers I was submitting for a competition.

And because Gerky is the chair of the Committee on Education, Zamboanga City. I was certain that his commendation would rightfully gain its merit.

So I made an appointment, and I went to see him.  His secretary amiably told me, that the councilor was expecting me.

I was ushered to his office, and there Gerky was very happy to see me as though I was a big time benefactor, of one of his special projects.

I showed him a dummy of my certificate, but it did not do for him. He borrowed my laptop, and typed a much more excellent recommendation. I was quite embarrassed, disturbing the busy councilor this way, but he seemed not to mind it at all.  As a matter of fact, it seemed like it was a real pleasure for him doing that favor for me.

I learned that Councilor Gerky writes feature articles for “Inquirer” and the “Philippine Star”.

Then we talked about classics like “Beowulf”, “Ben Hur”,  and  the poems  of Wordsworth, Lord Bryon, William Blake and many more.

I thought to myself, that the mayor could not have chosen a more fitted chair for the Committee on Education as Councilor Gerky, who loves reading and is very concerned with literacy.

Then I requested for a photo opportunity with him. He told me that I should have mentioned it earlier, so that he could bring his barong to make it official looking.  Nevertheless, we had our picture together.

And the most surprising of all, was that I was still given snacks!  It was just too much for me, to be thus indulged, by this important man, whom I was asking a favor from.

Therefore, when I left his office I was overjoyed,  because I was given a certificate for my “Reading Buddies Club”, which was beyond my expectation, and proffered a reception fitted for a VIP.

Thank you very much, Councilor Gerky, for going another mile for me, you cannot imagine what your kindness meant to me that day.