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Friday, 23 January 2015 11:38

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


The following are very real stories about people who acted carelessly, and regretted it all their lives.  Here goes:

This story happened long ago when we were still staying in Cebu.

A seventy-eight- year old woman, was smitten with a thirty- year old handsome neighbor.

One day, this old lady got sick, and was dying.  The neighbors went to see her, and asked if there was anything they could do.  And in a very feeble, almost inaudible voice, she said that she wanted to marry her crush before she died.

Almost everybody persuaded the young man to give in to that dying request, after all, it would just be a ceremony and nothing was required of him after that.    Why not make the old lady happy in her last moments?

The young man was conscience-stricken, and reluctantly consented. So the  priest married the squeamish groom and the wrinkled old woman, at her deathbed.

Then, perhaps because “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine”, the woman miraculously recovered, and the groom, who thought his duty done, had to be a real husband to that grandmother for many more years!

Here’s another one.  A fresh-graduate medical student, was having a two-day board exam. After the first day of the test, her boyfriend arrived from Samar. She was so elated, that she decided to skip the second day of the test, just to be with her boyfriend.

Of course she did not make it, and it was learned later on, that it was a give-away test.

What happened to her?  She is not a doctor until now, and she did not also end up marrying the boyfriend.

Here’s one more.  A very pretty lady, was engaged to a doctor.  One day, they had a lover’s quarrel. While she was still fuming mad, her other admirer, an embalmer passed by.

And to get even with the erring doctor, this irate beauty impulsively   invited the embalmer to marry her,  if he would.  And marry her he did!

When she cooled down after a few days, she realized her folly, but could not undo it anymore.

The embalmer was just a good husband, and he was also quite good-looking, but she did not love him.  He was very poor and lowly compared to the doctor,  and in their married life, you could always hear her say, “ Is this all you can offer me?”

Very unfortunate stories indeed, and therefore, here’s a wise saying for all of us to heed: “Do not make decisions when you are very angry, neither make promises when you are very happy”.