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Saturday, 24 January 2015 11:40



We bid goodbye to a man of God in the person of Pope Francis, who departed our Country lastMonday morning. Hasta la vista Papa Francis y Dios de vendiga!

His five-day stay in our country was a phenomenon. There was peace everywhere. Even the crowd of millions behaved wherever and whenever he made an appearance. Before proceeding to Leyte to visit the Yolanda victims, there was typhoon signal # 1, but Pope Francis still continued his spiritual journey. We know he is  a man of God, as I think it was miraculous, because he had reached Leyte safely and went back to Metro Manila safely too. I’m sure he saw the wreckage done by typhoon Yolanda to the populace of Samar, Leyte. Blessing the people, will make their faith stronger in God, and not to lose hope!

I had the wrong impression in the beginning while watching on TV, that the crowd inside the MOA were all known politicians and their families, and other wealthy families, not until my cousin-in-law Nelida Atilano clarified to me that there were also poor families mixed in the crowd, who also dressed up well themselves to see Pope Francis. I agree to what she said and may I add, she’s one lucky matron to be included in the chosen few to represent Zamboanga delegation to witness Pope Francis coming to our country.

I can’t mention all the messages of our dear head of the Church, but surely, some had stuck into my mind…… like we should all love one another, extend help to the poor, especially the children, and we should reject corruption, and put the family first, like the Holy family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus! These messages aren’t new to us as our laymen have had been preaching to us during sermons. However, coming from a holy man like Pope Francis, we have high hopes people will reflect on these messages and change their lives for the better. As we all know, the Pope represents our Lord Jesus Christ, just like St. Peter, who was known in the Holy Bible as the rock, where Jesus said he will build his church! From then on, a Pope in the Roman Catholic Church is elected to head the church, for the continuity of the works of St. Peter, and that is to watch over the flock of Jesus!

With the coming of Pope Francis, we hope the attitude of some of our government officials, especially in the national level will change, and put more emphasis in extending help to the needy, and serve their constituents well, instead of robbing us financially which are intended for projects in our communities!