TICKLE ME PINK: Morality is down PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 June 2011 14:01

I’m aware that if I delve on this topic, some individuals will be irked with me, but I can’t help but share my ideas, because I really think morality amongst us has really sunk.

Look at our lawmakers, instead of lifting up the morality of our fellowmen, they’re passing laws that would enhance more the immorality of their constituents. I am not generalizing this matter, because there are still morally good people in our midst, but let’s admit that the morality of our people has degenerated so low, especially among the masses. The answer is not birth control and divorce, but to educate the masses on the good moral aspects of life. I guess this will fall under the responsibility of the pastoral council. The church elders should send priests and preachers in the remote areas of their vicinity, and even in the urban and rural areas to find out how many illegal children there are with unwed parents.

You’ll be surprised to know that there are a lot of separated couples, who are living together a couple of times with different partners, and having children on each of their consensual partners. No wonder our population is exploding.

I don’t have to go far, as this fact has been staring right in my eyes. I have had helpers who had been separated with different live-in partners a couple of times, and in each one, they have children and to find out these kids aren’t sent to school because they don’t have money.

The best thing that our legislators can do is to pass a law that will punish irresponsible parenthood! I don’t know if this is against human rights, but I guess this is the only way to control our population. As is, our people aren’t scared of our laws anymore, because they can go away with it with consensual agreements that is very immoral, so it’s useless to come up with the divorce law.

I am glad the divorce law wasn’t considered during my time, or else I would have separated with my husband, teehee. --BETTY ELAGO