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Tuesday, 27 January 2015 11:45



Can’t imagine why DSWD have to hide the poor from Pope Francis! Yes it’s true they were hidden in a resort, letting their stay enjoyable and comfortable, as they were allowed to use all the amenities that the hotel offers, but gosh, Pope Francis would have wanted to meet them and give them his blessings, as they needed it most to inspire them and convince them to be more Godly in their lives.

What is more disgusting is that they were promised to be given livelihood. But when Pope Francis left our country, that was also the day they left the resort, and when they went to the DSWD office to inquire about the promised livelihood, they were told that there’s no money anymore! Tsk, tsk...

What’s the matter with your agency, Sec. Dinky Soliman? Poor, poor people! Why should we be hypocrites by hiding our poor constituents, when it’s the truth. All nations share the same problems. They too have poor folks. Even the United States have poor folks, but the only difference, their Social Security System is active in helping to alleviate the lives of the poor folks by doling out a monthly allowance to help them while they’re jobless. Jerusalem , in the Middle East, which is frequented by tourists all over the world have also the same problem  like us here in Zamboanga! My late parents said there are many beggars there too, meaning to say that it’s even worst there! Let’s not be ashamed of our poor folks! Let our government help them, and if we are well off, let us join hands and help them too! This is one of the messages Pope Francis had left behind!