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Sunday, 01 February 2015 14:34



It’s sad to know that lives of members of the Special Action Force of the PNP had been wasted when they encountered the BIFF and the MILF rebels. Let’s hope justice will be served so that their death will be avenged!

We extend our most sincere condolence to their families, especially the families of victims in our very own beloved Zamboanga City. I also learned that one of the victims is a nephew of  Bro. Crisanto de la Cruz.

I am not a seer, but I guess the year 2015 is going to be a bad year. It is now staring into our own eyes that peace will surely be inevitable, as long as Umbra Kato and his followers are still at large, including the MILF rebels. It appears that the MILF hierarchy does not have any control over their military force. I’m sorry if I have to mention this, but I heard the interview of Former President Joseph Estrada by Karen Davila, wherein  he again mentioned an all-out war against the

MILF. We really don’t want an all-out war, but a fair and credible peace on both sides. However, how can the MILF be sincere with their intentions to have peace when all the while they can’t control their armed group and have been coddling Marwan, an international terrorist who has a US$5 million reward for his capture, dead or alive. I now believe the SAF mission was not in vain, as they were able to kill Marwan. A picture showed his face lying dead! His whereabouts together with his Filipino counterpart Usman was made possible by US thru the satellite,

This time, we shouldn’t blame anybody since the No. 1 target is already dead. However, justice should be served for the sake of the more  than 42 SAF fallen policemen who died for the sake of our nation!