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Monday, 02 February 2015 15:15



There are doves and hawks in every controversial issue that arises like the tragic Mamasapano incident. That is easy to understand; we are human beings after all and we do not always think alike. I wish though that we can all try to be more careful about what we say or post in the social media.

I have no doubt that the majority of us want peace. Those who we might call as warmongers think and speak so only because of their personal agenda and where there is no threat to their loved ones. Sadly though even the warmongers - the hawks-  get as much media time or space as the doves. There is thus a cacophony of ideas and the majority position in support of peace gets drowned out.

Instead of focusing on the Mamasapano tragedy, on what happened, some talking heads bring in events from 200 years ago; cast aspersions on the sincerity of Pres. Aquino’s  grief over the death of 44 police men in the incident; impute motives to those engaged in the peace negotiation and other topics. These topics   may be relevant  to the incident but I wonder if in wisdom this is the time to get people involved in the discussion of these topics. I think not. Not when emotions are still high  on both sides. As we are all  very aware of,  it helps little to talk about crucial implications of an event when we are still in the throes of emotions that the event brought out.

I find very relevant the words of Pope Francis : to answer from the silence of the heart. And what is in the heart? Love. And Peace. And friendship.

I have little doubt that the majority of us want peace. So in these times when we are all vulnerable to a careless word or phrase, when we tend to generalize statements that can be hurtful, let us extend a hand in friendship, utter a word of solidarity with those who are in pain regardless of their political position on the BBL or the BE.

Peace is not a “thing”. Peace is a state of the heart and the mind which takes root in the soil of love. That love which is taught by all religions. At these times of temptation to make enemies, let us make even greater effort  to be kind in our words, spoken or written. Let us make the effort to extend a hand in friendship to someone else, not because he/she is a Christian or a Muslim but because he or she is a creature of God. And let God do the rest.