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Tuesday, 03 February 2015 13:30



People might hate me for saying this “that the mission of the PNP Special Action Force was a success” because it truly was! People should stop criticizing anybody!

The 44 fallen SAF policemen are all “heroes” in our eyes. They were able to kill the #1 terrorist in the world,  Marwan, with US$5 million on his head and US$1 million for Usman, his Filipino counterpart, was able escape. People’s emotions are high, especially their families, but they should console themselves that their loved ones didn’t die in vain! Again, our deepest sympathy to all the parents, wives, children of all the victims! May their souls rest in peace!

I understand US was allegedly responsible in informing Pres. Noynoy Aquino of the whereabouts of the two most wanted criminals responsible for the bombings here in Mindanao, and elsewhere abroad. The patient surveillance of US satellite pointed the location of Marwan and Usman. Thank you!  This was a highly confidential mission that didn’t necessarily have to have the coordination of the MILF, for fear it can abort their mission. The only mistake here is that they didn’t have troops to back them up, because the encounter was unexpected! Who would think that in spite of the ceasefire agreement, the MILF rebels will react that way, since they were not the target of SAF. Their reason is that there was no coordination! It also shows there is a connection between the BIFF and the MILF rebels themselves!

We still hope the peace negotiations will continue, but we expect that those who died will be vindicated. This will be my last writing of the Mamansapano incident, as some suggested that FB should stop showing videos and pictures of the incident, and personally agree as it’s adding fuel to the fire!

Peace be to all of you!