CLASS RECORD: ‘Youth and love must triumph now, afterward, it will be life’ PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 February 2015 13:56

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


Jun and Rodelyn did not think anymore about tomorrow.  After all, what can go wrong with two people who were very much in love with each other?  Maybe the rest who failed in this area, did not have this kind of love.  Why, were they also willing to die for each other in their time, if the need called for it?  If their love were as intense as theirs, for sure, they would also have a happy ending, like they were going to have.

Jun and Rodelyn were batch mates. They were both fourth year students. Jun was the editorial cartoonist in their school paper, and Rodelyn was the belle of the campus.  Aside from his ability to draw, Jun also composed songs which he sang  sentimentally to Rodelyn during break time.

If the classmates of Rodelyn were not too busy accomplishing their term paper and other partial requirements for graduation, they would really envy her for the storybook romance she was experiencing.

So after graduation, Jun and Rodelyn decided to live together as husband and wife, to the great disapproval of Jun’s Aunt, who was supporting him. Jun’s Aunt was a caregiver in America and Jun was her orphan nephew. Rodelyn also, came from a broken family, and a family friend made her a working student, so she could finish her studies.

These two foolish kids, looked at the future with rose-tinted glass, and rented a small shanty in the squatter area.  Was there not a wise proverb, which said, “ A house is made of bricks and stones, but a home is made of love alone”?  They vowed to make theirs, a home, and not focus on money, which prevented the happiness of many a sidetracked soul.

So the loving couple had children, one after the other- four in all! While their batch mates were very busy accomplishing college requirements, the two of them had kids to feed. Their foreign aid was also reduced, then later, totally cut. And Jun was forced to earn for his family.

Rodelyn, now, was too tired with her maternal duties and had no more energy for good grooming or sweet nothings.   Jun also, was very exhausted and irritable to be romantic.

Rodelyn looked worn-out and faded like the clothes she wore, and Jun developed an ugly attitude, like the face on top of his sweaty neck.

It is real life now for Jun and Rodelyn because they allowed youth and love to triumph over wisdom, and disregarded the counsels of their elders.

By the way, the title is an excerpt of Jose Garcia Villa’s, “Footnote to the Youth.”